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My Fair Stunner novel Chapter 95

Chapter 95 Reluctant

Men knew men best.

Even if Colin didn't answer the question, Tanner almost knew the answer in his heart.

Colin and Faye had no grudges in the past or recently. The only thing that could connect them was a romantic relationship.

The only logical reason for Colin's sudden interest in Faye's affairs was that he liked her.

Otherwise, it didn't make sense.

After figuring it out, Tanner didn't feel nervous or flustered anymore. He sat down slowly, "I'm afraid I have nothing to say about what you want to know."

It was hard to tell whether Colin was angry or not from his look. He stubbed out the cigarette in the ashtray in front of him, "So resolute?"

Tanner smiled. "As Faye's friend, although I can be of no help to her, at least I can't betray her."

Seeing Colin staring at him, Tanner added, "Mr. Farrell, actually you should be happy that Rebecca and I are hiding it from you. At least it shows that Faye didn't make the wrong friends."

Colin sneered, "You are quite good at playing such mind games."

Tanner, "It's not a mind game. It's truth."

Judging from Tanner's attitude, Colin already knew that the trip would be fruitless.

If Tanner and Rebecca weren't friends with Faye, he would take some extraordinary measures.

But the two were Faye's best friends for many years, and he couldn't do anything that would break her heart.

Colin was silent, while Tanner sitting on the sofa broke out in a sweat.

Tanner didn't know what Colin was thinking at the moment, but he knew very well that there was no way to fool Colin.

He had heard about Colin's tricks from Faye. It was said that Hank had arranged for someone to stay beside Colin as a mole a few years ago. After being discovered by Colin, that person was tied and thrown into the river.

Colin didn't drown the mole to death; he just got him out of the water and then threw him in repeatedly.

In the end, the mole didn't die but went crazy with fear.

As Tanner's imagination was running wild, Colin, who was sitting across from him, suddenly stood up.

Tanner was startled and looked up, but Colin just strode out without even glancing at him.

Colin walked out of the room and saw Rebecca stomping with a cup of hot water to keep herself warm.

Seeing Colin, Rebecca was startled.

The next second, Colin walked up to her and sneered, "Seems that you look forward to my frequent visits."

Rebecca was shocked.

Rebecca watched Colin leave and then went inside the office.

Seeing Tanner, Rebecca handed him the hot water, "Tanner, from today onwards, I'm going to look at you with admiration. You are bold. What did you tell Colin? Why did he leave so soon?"

Tanner took Rebecca's hot water to warm his hands with a calm expression, "I didn't say anything to him. It's probably because it's too cold here and he can't stand it?"

Rebecca rolled her eyes.

Tanner said, "Can't you just spend some money on the radiator?"

Rebecca glared at him, "Do you think I didn't pay? The heating pipes in this area are being repaired. I spend so much on the heating one year, but the pipes are always under repairment."

Colin came out of Rebecca's office and drove home.

On the way, Colin made a call using car Bluetooth.

The call was connected, and Abbot's mocking voice sounded on the other end of the phone, "Hey, Mr. Farrell, haven't you been busy dating your wife recently? How come you suddenly call me?"

Colin was not in the mood to joke with him, and he said bluntly, "Do me a favor."

When Abbot heard Colin's serious tone, he couldn't help but become serious, "What favor?"

Colin said, "Keep a watch on someone for me."

Abbot asked suspiciously, "Who? Man or woman?"

Colin said, "A woman."


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