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My Fair Stunner novel Chapter 96

Chapter 96 Moving House

When Colin finished speaking, Faye squinted in an instant.

Colin knew that Faye was unhappy. He took two steps forward and stopped in front of her.

They looked at each other; Faye's red lips moved, "So childish."

Colin grinned, "Am I?"

Faye said, "Don't you think it's childish of an adult to do something like this?"

Colin raised his hand and rubbed his rough fingertips on the corner of Faye's lips, "We've kissed so much. What's wrong with sharing a water glass?"

Faye pursed her lips.

Colin was telling the truth, but Faye still felt uncomfortable.

Seeing that Faye didn't deny it, Colin put his hands on her waist, took her in his arms, lowered his head, and asked, "How did I behave today? Has auntie changed the way she looks at me?"

Faye looked up at him, "Want to hear the truth?"

Colin said, "Yes."

Faye said, "Not much."

Colin raised his eyebrows slightly, "Auntie told you that?"

Faye lied without guilt, "Yes."

Colin looked at Faye and pressed the tip of his tongue against one cheek, "You are lying."

Faye reached out and pushed him away. She carried the suitcase to the closet to unpack it and said indifferently, "You asked me and I answered. Believe it or not, I don't care."

Faye was usually cold and aloof, and her words sounded inexplicably convincing.

Colin walked over to the bed and sat down. Watching her organize her clothes and put them on the right side of his closet one by one, Colin showed a half-smile.

After Faye finished sorting out her clothes, she got up and was about to put the suitcase aside when the phone in her pocket suddenly rang.

Faye pressed her foot against the suitcase while zipping it with one hand and reaching for her phone with the other hand. She took out her phone and answered the call.


After Faye finished speaking, a faint and timid voice asked on the other end of the phone, "Hello, is this Faye?"

Hearing the unfamiliar voice on the other end of the phone, Faye said, "Yes. Who is this?"


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