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My Fair Stunner novel Chapter 97

Chapter 97 Away From Him

Colin's implication was self-evident.

Faye looked down at him, bent from the waist, and when she was about to touch Colin's thin lips, she saw his Adam's apple rolling. She suddenly sneered, "Colin, you are addicted to sex now, aren't you?"

Colin's voice was hoarse, "Anything wrong with that?"

Faye, "No, but you have to do it in moderation."

Colin smiled meaningfully, "Like, seven times... a week?"

Faye smiled, "Then you'd better prepare some tonics."

After Faye finished speaking, she ignored Colin, turned around, and walked out.

Because she had to accompany Nylah to try on the wedding dress in the afternoon, and she didn't know what time she would be back, she had to settle Carlotta in advance.

Faye went to the kitchen to prepare some fruit and make some dishes for Carlotta. She put the dishes in the refrigerator, and then knocked on Carlotta's door with her iPad.

Seeing Faye enter, Carlotta, who was lying on the bed, propped herself up on her elbow and sat up.

Faye stepped forward and put the iPad on her bedside, "Auntie, I have to go out in the afternoon. If you feel bored, you can use my iPad, or you can watch TV in the living room. I'm free tomorrow, and I'll get a nurse to take care of you."

Carlotta pushed the iPad away, "I'm too old to play with this."

Faye smiled, "What does age have to do with that?"

Carlotta's expression was not very natural. "Faye, I just checked those job-seeking apps. It's difficult to find a decent job at my age."

After Carlotta finished speaking, she reached out and took Faye's hand, "Will you feel ashamed if I work as a babysitter?"

Faye sat down with a straight face, "You don't make money by stealing or robbing. Why would I feel ashamed?"

Hearing Faye's words, Carlotta got relieved instantly, "Then when you find a nanny, I will learn from her."

Faye smiled, "Okay."

Everyone had their way of life. Faye wouldn't force her aunt.

The right way to care about someone was not to impose what you think was good on her but to allow her to live the way she felt most comfortable.

Although Carlotta was old, she had a good educational background.

Faye could find a decent job for her.

But she knew Carlotta's concerns and simply didn't mention it.

After chatting with Carlotta for a while, Faye found the time was almost up. She reminded Carlotta of something and then left.

The Farrells cared about its image a lot.

Even though Old Mr. Farrell didn't like Nylah, he still arranged for her to choose a wedding dress at one of the best bridal shops in Cocanel.

Nylah was surrounded by several shop assistants when Faye arrived by car.

Probably because Nylah was an introverted girl, a few shop assistants were looking at her with some contempt although smiling on the surface, not treating Nylah with respect at all.

Faye walked in. A shop assistant glanced at her and said excitedly, "Are you Faye Nash?"

Faye looked at her and asked suspiciously, "You know me?"

The shop assistant, "I'm your fan. I like watching the variety show you're filming..."

The shop assistant said, and walked out from behind the cashier, "You are prettier than you are on TV."

Faye still hadn't accustomed to such enthusiasm, let alone facing a stranger.

Faye smiled politely at her and walked toward Nylah.


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