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My Heart only Beats for You novel Chapter 626

"What matters is whether she's happy or not. That's the most important thing." Tobias's tone became lower.

Hayden's eyes widened even more.

What Tobias had said was too complicated for him, so he couldn't understand.

During dinner, Peter kept shifting the topic to Yuna, showering her non-stop with praise.

Yuna's face flushed daintily, embarrassed by Peter's words.

However, Tobias didn't notice what Peter was saying.

He was frequently absent- minded, his mind wandering.

All he could think of was the scene from before.

The scene of Natalie drinking with a man at the food stall by the street.

Would she get drunk?

Would anything happen between the two of them once if she were drunk?

This thought clawed at his heart desperately the whole night, disturbing his peace of mind.

But Tobias had to restrain himself.

Since he had promised to set Natalie free, he had to keep to his word.

Peter had also noticed that Tobias had gone into a daze. His mind was not at dinner, but elsewhere.

He was slightly displeased.

He'd originally wanted to get right to the point with Tobias, but he decided not to after giving it some thought.

He guessed that Tobias would know what he meant.

Although everyone was aware, nobody mentioned anything.

After some pondering, Peter decided not to say anything. He would wait for Tobias and Yuna to build up a rapport first.

Benjamin had always known that Natalie was not only the bane of Tobias' existence, but his own as well.

For instance, he'd managed to run into Natalie even on a random stroll.

It was fine that he'd run into her, but why did she have to be drunk?

What could he do?

If Natalie hadn't been drunk, Benjamin could've just pretended not to see her.

But now that she was completely wasted, how could he just ignore her like that?

What if something happened to her?

What's more, there was a man who was also wasted with Natalie.

It was incredibly easy for men and women to mess up after drinking. Who knew what might happen?

In case something were to happen, his boss would be cuckolded, wouldn't he?

Benjamin called Natalie a few times without getting any reaction. He had no choice but to call Tobias.

There was a long silence on the other end of the line, so long that Benjamin thought Tobias had hung up.

"Send her home." Tobias finally spoke.

It was a very short sentence.

After hanging up the phone, Benjamin's brows scrunched in frustration.

It made things difficult for him to send Natalie back in this state. He'd have to have physical contact with her.

Soon, Benjamin thought of something.

He thought of Yvonne.

Last time, he'd also called Yvonne for help.

He could do so this time as well. He might even be able to speak to Yvonne a little.

Thrilled, Benjamin immediately called Yvonne as he hid his eagerness through the phone.

However, he had miscalculated.

This time, Yvonne wasn't in Agaphen City at all.

"I'm sorry, Benjamin, I really can't make it back right now. Please send Natalie home for me. You can't let her get into trouble," Yvonne said.

After that, Yvonne asked if there was a man with her.

Benjamin immediately said yes.

Yvonne softened her voice, "Benjamin, that man is mine and Natalie's classmate. Please find a hotel for him to stay, thank you."

Hearing Yvonne's gentle voice, he felt that his whole body was about to melt in a puddle and agreed immediately.


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