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My Heart only Beats for You novel Chapter 627

When she realised this, Natalie's mood improved greatly. It was unexplainable.

The next day, Tobias left the house earlier than usual.

Peter didn't manage to catch Tobias again.

As usual, it threw him into a bad mood and he made a fuss.

Yuna was still trying to coax Peter.

On the other hand, Peter felt deeply sorry towards Yuna.

After all, Yuna had travelled all the way here with him, but Tobias kept on avoiding her. It was humiliating for her.

"Yuna, I'm sorry." A trace of guilt flashed in Peter's eyes.

Yuna's voice was still gentle. "There's nothing for you to be sorry about, Grandpa. I'm here as a guest, after all."

Hearing her words, Peter felt even guiltier.

He decided to have a good talk with Tobias that night no matter what.

After all, Yuna was the granddaughter of his comrade-in-arms.

And his comrade-in-arms was a very close friend of his, going way back. Their friendship was more than ordinary.

Peter was dead set on Yuna being with Tobias.

In the president's office of YS Group.

Tobias received a call.

He was lost in thought for a moment after that.

He had almost forgotten about this matter.

The family photos that had been taken shortly after Natalie recovered from her amnesia.

The staff of the studio called and said that the album was done and ready for collection.

Tobias had Benjamin go and fetch them.

After Benjamin had left, Tobias felt both antsy and anxious.

He was eager to see what the pictures turned out to be like.

It didn't take long for Benjamin to come back with various bags.

The family photos they took were made into photo frames, albums, wallet photos, and so on.

Tobias flipped through all of the photos.

The photos came out very well.

Especially because Tobias remembered how reluctant Natalie was to stand with him.

Perhaps it was because some editing had been done. Natalie's smile looked natural and full of happiness.

It was a portrait of a happy family of three.

As he pored through the photos, Tobias' eyes stung.

The photos were beautiful, and reality was painful.

By the time the family portrait had arrived, the family itself no longer existed. He and Natalie had totally ended things.

Tobias picked some nicer photos and asked Benjamin to send them to Natalie.

He had no other intentions, nor did he hold on to any extravagant hopes.

He just thought that Natalie should have a look at the photos as well.

He'd purposely selected photos of just Natalie and Hayden. He didn't want her to misunderstand him.

When Benjamin arrived with the photos, Natalie was searching for her degree certificate and some of her identification.

She'd attended the interview the day before in a complete daze. It was only until this morning that she'd realised her certificate and identification were missing.

Natalie was very anxious as she rummaged through her apartment.

After all, she didn't have much money left with her right now. She couldn't let this drag on anymore. She needed to find a job urgently.

But it just so happened that she couldn't find her certificate.

Hearing the knock, Natalie opened the door.

The moment Natalie saw Benjamin, she was stunned.

"Miss Godfrey, Mr. Whitlock asked me to give you something." Benjamin greeted her politely.

Natalie's mouth suddenly turned dry.

Tobias, giving things to her...

This man still cared about her...

Her heart strangely started to hammer.

Hastily, she invited Benjamin in.

Benjamin gave her the photo album, photo frame along with other stuff. "Miss Godfrey, Mr. Whitlock asked me to pass these to you."

Natalie's gaze froze.

A weird feeling surged in her chest.


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