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My Heart only Beats for You novel Chapter 633

The man was tall and handsome, and he was very eye-catching in the crowd, so Yvonne noticed him at first glance.

Yvonne also saw a woman standing beside Tobias.

The woman looked very young, and she had a sunhat on.

Yvonne instantly became annoyed.

It turned out that what Natalie had told her the day before was true.

It had only been a short while since they had broken up, and Tobias already had another woman.

Not to mention, this woman seemed to be younger than Natalie, which made Yvonne even angrier.

As expected, there was nothing good about men!

As expected, men only liked new and shiny things.

Without hesitation, Yvonne gave Natalie a call.

The call was quickly connected.

"Natalie, do you know who I bumped into at the airport on my way abroad to catch the show?"

Yvonne asked in annoyance.

Natalie's voice was weak, as if she had not slept well last night. "Who?"

"It's Tobias. He's with a really young woman too!" Yvonne answered loudly.

She didn't notice the breathing on the other side of the phone becoming heavier.

Yvonne then continued indignantly, "Tobias is too much. Even if you've broken up, he shouldn't have gone to find someone else so quickly. Not to mention, that girl looks so young, he's really going too far..."

"Yvonne, stop talking." Natalie suddenly interrupted Yvonne.

"I don't want to hear anything about Tobias. Can you stop talking about it?" Natalie's tone sounded like a plea.

Yvonne's expression quickly fell.

She realized that she had done something wrong.

She had only thought about herself, wanting to complain to Natalie. However, she had forgotten all about how Natalie would feel about this.

She shouldn't have told Natalie about this.

"Natalie, don't... don't overthink.'' Yvonne could only comfort her. "There are tons of fish in the sea. You can't cling to one person forever."

Natalie did not reply.

Yvonne immediately panicked.

She wanted nothing more than to slam her head into the wall.

She really was stupid!


"It's fine, Yvonne. You need to board the plane soon. Let's stop talking about it. You should go catch your flight," Natalie finally responded.

Yvonne was still worried about her. "Natalie, are you alright?"

"It's okay. There's no point in clinging to one person, right?" After saying that, Natalie chuckled softly.

However, her chuckle sounded both ironic and forced.

After hanging up the call, Natalie was very quiet.

When she saw Tobias hugging the girl last night, her heart felt like it had been crushed.

She remained silent.

She repeatedly told herself that what she had right now, was what she wanted.

That was right. Her current state was what she wanted. She did not want to overthink.

Natalie stood up.

She was going to look for a job.

She had lost her job at the hotel the night before, so she had to look for a new one as soon as possible.

When she went downstairs, Natalie's head was a little muddled. Suddenly, she missed a step.

Her entire body fell forward.

She did not fall to the ground like she had imagined. Instead, she fell into a warm embrace.

It was an embrace filled with male hormones.

Natalie's breathing stopped.

This embrace...

All of a sudden, her breathing sped up. She looked up, and then her expression quickly changed.

It was Remington...

Natalie soon escaped from his warm and gentle embrace.


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