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My Heart only Beats for You novel Chapter 634

Cecilia's mind mas momentarily overwhelmed with panic.

After a while, she calmed herself down and said, "Tobias, let's go somewhere else to eat."

Tobias repeated, "Somewhere else?"

"That's right. I suddenly don't want to eat here," Cecilia answered.

Tobias didn't care where he ate, and he was willing to follow his mother's wishes.

Just as Tobias stood up, his gaze suddenly sharpened.

He saw a flash of panic on Cecilia's face.

Although the panic quickly dissipated, Tobias still noticed it.

Tobias took his seat again. "Mother, why do you want to eat somewhere else?"

"The... the food here isn't good," Cecilia answered hesitantly.

"Mother, you're the one who picked this place earlier."

Cecilia's heart skipped a beat.

She saw Tobias staring at her thoughtfully.

She had to change her mind. "Then let's just eat here."

If she continued like this, she was afraid that it would make Tobias suspicious.

This restaurant had a self-service policy.

Cecilia stood up and said, "I'm going to get some food."

From the corner of her eye, she saw that Natalie had already gone to get food. She was afraid that Tobias would meet Natalie if he went there.

But she had not expected Tobias to be one step ahead of her. "Mother, let me do it. You sit down, I'll get the food for you."

Cecilia's expression changed.

It seemed that Natalie and Tobias would have to meet on this day.

Natalie went to get fruit juice.

She didn't really have much of an appetite.

She could not stomach the delicious food in the restaurant at all.

However, she still forced herself to get food, because she was afraid that Remington would notice her odd behavior.

She was trying to prove to both Remington and herself, that she had already forgotten about that incident.

Naturally, she had already let go of Tobias as well.

As for her past with Tobias, she had already completely forgotten about it.

At the same time, Tobias also came to get fruit juice.

Cecilia usually liked drink juice.

Just then, Tobias and Natalie saw each other.

They stopped in their tracks.

Tobias gazed at Natalie.

Natalie gazed at Tobias.

After a while, Natalie came to her senses. She turned around and left.

What a coincidence it was, to meet Tobias here.

Natalie subconsciously did not want to eat in this restaurant anymore.

However, she soon forced herself to give up the idea.

If she left now, it would further prove that she still cared about Tobias.

She didn't want to make it seem like she cared about him.

After Natalie turned around and left, a wave of bitterness flashed across his eyes.

Moments later, he returned to his seat.

Tobias handed the juice to Cecilia.

"Mother, the reason why you wanted to leave is because you saw Natalie," he suddenly said in a low voice.

Cecilia's heart skipped a beat.

It turned out that they had still run into each other...

Cecilia smiled wryly. "Yes, Tobias."

"Mother, you don't have to do this. She and I are a thing of the past." There was a hint of dullness in Tobias's tone.

From the moment that he had set Natalie free, their relationship had already turned into a thing of the past.

Despite his words, he couldn't stop his eyes from searching for Natalie.

He soon found her, and then his expression changed.

Natalie was already in her seat. Opposite her was Remington.

Ever since Natalie came back, her face had been terribly pale.

"What's wrong?" Remington looked at Natalie as he raised his eyebrows.


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