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My Heart only Beats for You novel Chapter 637

At the same time, Tobias stepped on the gas.

Natalie then fell silent.

Her thick and long eyelashes fluttered shut as they covered her eyes.

As the car sped, it splashed rainwater all over the ground.

Likely because of the man next to her, Natalie was not as nervous as she would be if she was in the car with Tobias alone.

She fixed her gaze on the view outside the window.

Outside, the rain was getting heavier and heavier.

Soon, they arrived at Natalie's apartment.

Tobias stopped his car right before her building.

Natalie opened the car door and got off.

Tobias had his hands on the steering wheel, his thin lips tightly pursed.

"Tobias, if you have something you want to say, just go ahead and say it. I have a lot of time. I'll wait for you here." Matthew's warm voice suddenly rang out from the backseat.

Tobias took a deep breath.

He immediately opened the car door and chased after Natalie.

"Natalie." Tobias called out her name.

Natalie hesitated for a while, then quickened her pace.

Tobias rushed to stop her.

He placed one hand on the wall, and enclosed Natalie in his embrace.

Although there was no bodily contact between the two of them, this position was inexplicably ambiguous...

Natalie lowered her head and asked, "Is there a problem?"

Tobias' gaze fell on Natalie's face, and his heart throbbed in pain.

After not seeing each other for half a month, Natalie seemed to have lost a lot of weight, and her chin was beyond pronounced.

"Natalie, so this is how Remington treats you," Tobias remarked sadly. "He allows you to go work in a place like that, and he even lets you get off work in the rain. Natalie, tell me, is this the choice that you've made?"

If Natalie were with him, he would spoil her beyond belief, and give her the best life possible.

Yet this was the life that she was living now?

Upon hearing Tobias' words, Natalie could not help but look up in astonishment.

A hint of incredulity flashed across her eyes.

What was Tobias talking about?

Did he really think that she had gotten with Remington?

Natalie suddenly smirked, and felt that it was a little ironic.

Tobias really did not understand her at all.

Even if she was not with Tobias, it was impossible for her to be with Remington.

Natalie had no intention of explaining it to Tobias, because there was simply no need to do so.

"It's none of your business." Natalie looked at him. "Whether I'm living well or not has nothing to do with you."

Tobias's breathing stopped for a moment.

There was a hint of sourness in his tone. "Natalie, you're Hayden's mother. How could I not care about you?"

Natalie lowered her head and replied, "There's no need to. What's the point of caring about me when you already have a beautiful woman next to you, Mr. Whitlock?"

Even Natalie didn't notice the jealousy that was evident in her words.

Just as Tobias fell into a daze, Natalie had already rushed up to open the door and slammed it closed heavily.

Tobias stayed in the corridor for a while before finally leaving.

"You're back?" Matthew looked at Tobias.

Tobias hummed in acknowledgement. His expression was solemn.

"Do you like her?"

Tobias remained silent.

"What happened with her?" Matthew pressed on.

Tobias rubbed the sore spot between his eyebrows and responded, "No more questions. I'll send you home."

Matthew fell silent at the right time.


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