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My Heart only Beats for You novel Chapter 636

She saw Tobias.

He sat on the sofa with an air of nobility, and there were two men sitting next to him.

One of the men looked slightly older, but his facial features were very handsome. He had the unique charm of a mature man.

The corners of his mouth curled up into a smile, carrying a look of natural nobility.

She felt that the other man looked familiar, but she could not remember who he was at the moment. She was much too nervous upon seeing Tobias.

It was that man who recognized Natalie.

"Natalie!" He immediately called out.

Tobias' body froze, and he looked up in disbelief.

Their eyes met...

Natalie finally remembered who this man was.

He was Tobias' friend, and a famous lawyer as well. They had met a long time ago.

He'd even helped her win a lawsuit.

Natalie quickly lowered her head. "What would you like to order?"

She told herself in her heart that Tobias was just an ordinary guest right now. She shouldn't, and couldn't think too much about it...

Vincent immediately realized something when he saw the uniform Natalie had on.

He slapped Tobias' shoulder with force. "This is too much, Tobias. How could you make your wife work here?"

When Matthew heard his words, he looked Natalie up and down.

Natalie blushed. "Don't make a big deal out of something that isn't true, Mr. Hoffman."

"Shut up," Tobias said in a low voice.

Vincent was taken aback.

If she wasn't Tobias' wife...

When he'd come to Agaphen City to help Natalie file that lawsuit many years ago, wasn't Natalie his wife? Why had their relationship dissolved so quickly?

The room suddenly fell silent, and the atmosphere was tense.

In the end, it was Matthew who broke the silence.

He stood up and asked, "What do you have here?"

His voice was very pleasant and deep. It was especially warm, and made people feel like they were standing in the spring breeze.

Natalie quickly came back to her senses.

She showed him the menu.

"Lafite, the most expensive kind," Matthew ordered. "This way, you can get more commission."

"Thank you," Natalie thanked him in a low voice, and quickly exited the room.

After Natalie left, Vincent immediately began to question Tobias.

"What's going on, Tobias? Didn't you have quite strong feelings for that girl the last time I came here? What happened?"

A hint of bitterness flashed across Tobias' eyes.

"We broke up," Tobias answered.

"So you're single now?" Vincent asked.

"That's right."

Matthew then remarked thoughtfully, "You're already over 30 years old, but you're still single. You'll have to look for someone."

Tobias cast him a glance. "You're older than me."

Matthew immediately fell speechless.

Just then, Natalie entered the room with a few bottles of aged Lafite.

Because of her nerves, she accidentally cut her hand with the bottle opener.

Blood seeped out from the wound.

Tobias stepped forward almost immediately.

He quickly grabbed Natalie's hand and asked nervously, "Natalie, are you okay?"

At this moment, his reaction was completely subconscious. He had totally forgotten that they were separated, and that he had to keep his distance.

The moment that Tobias' hand grabbed Natalie's, her mind went blank.

They had once been as physically intimate as possible with one another. But now, it was like Natalie's heart had been set on fire just because her hands had been held like that.


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