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My Pretty Sweetheart novel Chapter 631

I nodded. I tried to move my body to get out of his arms, but was held down. He muttered, "It's still early. We can still sleep for a little bit!"

I looked at the time. Noticing that he usually went out at this time, I couldn't help but ask, "Don't you need to go to the company today?"

He smiled and said, "It doesn't matter if I'm late."

Sure enough, the boss was being lenient.

I couldn't continue sleeping even if I tried, so I simply replied, "I can't sleep."

He nodded with a hum. His voice was low while saying, "Stay with me for a while."

I had no choice but to lie down beside him, so I stared at the ceiling. However, after a while, my face turned red and said, "Hendrix, you..."

"It's a normal reaction, it's like this every day!" He turned to me with a deep gaze and said, "Arianna, I'm a man, this is normal."

I knew it was normal, but I couldn't help but frown and asked, "Let go of me, I want to get up."

He didn't move, but his breathing was a little constricted and said, "I'll be fine in a minute."


Lying beside him, I felt a little uncomfortable. My body was stiff as I pursed my lips.

After a long time, he got up and went to the bathroom, only coming out after a long time.


When he came out of the bathroom, he looked much calmer. He couldn't help but smile as he looked at me. He asked, "Did I scare you just now?"

I shook my head, and my face was still burning hot. I said, "Rosa just came and said that breakfast was ready."

He nodded and smiled, motioning for me to wash up too.

For four years, even if there was no divorce at that time, we were still separated. It was practically regarded as a divorce.


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