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My Pretty Sweetheart novel Chapter 640

From Anne's perspective, the money that Evan spent didn't belong to her. Hence, subconsciously, perhaps Hendrix still wasn't considered family to her.

After thinking for a moment, I said, "I'll pay Mr. Garland back. Anne, you'll grow up eventually, and I'll also grow old. You have to learn how to deal with problems wisely in the future, alright?"

She nodded. I could see that she felt very guilty about having hurt someone else. She quietly laid in my arms.

When Hendrix and Evan emerged from the study, she had already fallen asleep. Evan bid me goodbye and left.

When Hendrix saw her sleeping, he wanted to carry her back to her bedroom. However, he did not expect that the little girl would wake up at the slightest touch.

Perhaps she hadn't noticed that it was Hendrix, so she said, "Mommy, I saw Uncle Aaron in the hospital. He was with an auntie."

Stunned, I reflexively looked towards her and asked, "Do you know why they were in the hospital?"

She then opened her eyes and saw that Hendrix was carrying her. She stared blankly at him for awhile, then greeted him, "Mr. Roberts."

Hendrix nodded and carried her back to the sofa, indicating for her to continue answering my question.

Anne thought for a bit and said, "Uncle Aaron said that he brought the auntie to check on the baby. There was a baby in the auntie's tummy."

I suddenly thought back to Aaron's situation in Hovell. I had my guesses, but who could that lady be?

It was getting late. Anne fell asleep right after dinner but because I had slept too much in the day, I could no longer sleep at night.

Hendrix answered a call. It seemed that something had happened in the Roberts Group so he had to rush over to manage the situation.

After saying goodbye to me, he left.

The next day.


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