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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 1

Chapter 1

In the fall of 2015, Arabella Snyder boarded a train from the countryside to Hardgrad.

The Snyder family left her in the country when she had been nine years old, and they brought her back today because they had to marry a daughter into Floweret Garden to save Kenneth Lucero's life by hosting a wedding to counteract his bad luck.

It was said he was terminally ill now. The Snyder family had two other daughters, but neither was willing to marry him, so they could only take her back from the foster family in the countryside and ask her to replace them.

When Arabella was reading a book while sitting on the berth, the door was suddenly pushed open, and the cold wind came in mixed with the smell of blood.

When she raised her head, she saw a tall man coming in and falling to the ground.

And then, he passed out.

Soon, several men in black rushed in, and one of them said, "Leader, there is no one else in this compartment! Let's kill him here."

The leader with a scar on his face looked at Arabella and said, "Who says there is no one else?"

Arabella hadn't expected such sudden trouble, but the man who had accidentally fallen into her compartment had indeed brought her a fatal danger. The man with a scar on his face was full of killing intent. He planned to silence her by killing her.

Arabella secretly glanced at the weapons in their hands and hurriedly begged for mercy, saying, "Please don't hurt me! I didn't see anything!"

The man with a scar on his face stepped forward and looked at her face. She was wearing a veil, so he could only see her extremely bright eyes. When she looked at him, her eyes were flashing with charm.

He had never seen such beautiful eyes, so he was fascinated in an instant. In addition, he hadn't had sex for days, so he immediately had evil designs on her.

"Beauty, if you don't want us to hurt you, you must serve us well."

Arabella's long eyelashes flickered, and she said pitifully, "I don't want to die. I'm so scared. As long as you promise not to hurt me, I will serve you well."

Hearing her imploring in a soft and gentle voice, the man with a scar on his face could not control himself anymore. So, he pounced on her and pressed her under his body.

"Leader, you enjoy her first. After we kill this man, please also allow us to have fun too."

In the compartment full of vulgar laughter, the man with a scar on his face put down his weapon and reached out to unbutton Arabella's coat.

But a slender and fair-skinned hand suddenly grasped his wrist.

When he raised his head, he met Arabella's bright gaze. Now her panic and weakness had disappeared, and her eyes were flickering with coldness now.

"You..." Before he could finish speaking, she raised her hand and stabbed a silver needle into his head neatly.

Soon, he closed his eyes, fainted, and fell to the ground.


The other men in black were startled to see this. When they were about to step forward to check on their leader, the tall man who they had intended to kill suddenly opened his eyes and snatched their weapons away.

Then, he knocked them down one by one like lightning.

Seeing this, Arabella sat up. She had long known that the man had been pretending to be in a coma because she could see the blood on his clothes was not his.

When she looked up at the man, he was also looking at her with a sharp look in his brooding and narrow eyes. His eyes were as dark as an abyss, so anyone who met his gaze would be sucked in.

"Mr. Lucero, sorry that we are late."


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