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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Caitlin was Arabella's stepmother. She used to be a famous actress when she was young. Although she had given birth to two daughters, she was well maintained, so she still looked charming and beautiful.

Caitlin used to be Arabella's father's mistress, but she was extremely schemed and managed to hide the dirt. Now, as the wife of the head of the Snyder family, she was very popular in the circle of the wealthy wives because she was smooth and slick in establishing social relations.

The wedding held by her today was very grand. Even Arabella's wedding dress had been custom-made in Milan. So, everyone was praising Caitlin.

Arabella pretended to be ignorant, looked at the door expectantly, and said with a shy look, "Is it the auspicious time now? Why haven't I seen the groom?"

Hearing this, Caitlin showed a gloomy expression.

Everyone else looked at each other in confusion, suspecting the bride didn't know that she was going to marry a terminally ill man.

She was going to marry Mr. Lucero to counteract his bad luck, so this wedding was destined to have no groom.

Seth stepped forward, avoided his daughter's gaze, and said with a guilty look in his eyes, "Arabella, the groom... the groom is feeling unwell today, so he can't come. Can you go there without him?"

Arabella froze for a while and then smiled, "Okay, I'll go right now."

When she got into the luxury car that had come to pick her up alone, all the guests were looking at her. It was said that she was a bumpkin who had grown up in the countryside, but when she wore the gorgeous wedding dress, she looked slender and unworldly beautiful.

Moreover, she had pretended to know nothing, so her obedience made all the guests sympathize with her. Soon, they began to whisper with each other while pointing at Caitlin.

"Although she has held such a grand wedding, she's still a selfish stepmother. After all, he married her step-daughter to an ill man in place of her biological daughters."

Caitlin's face became gloomy. The wedding had been going on according to her plan, but Arabella had cleverly turned the tables and embarrassed her with little effort. It turned out she underestimated Arabella.

However, there was ample time ahead, so she would teach her a lesson sooner or later!


Arabella came to Floweret Garden and entered the bedroom.

The lights had not been turned on, so it was pitch black, and the atmosphere was a little scary.

Her black eyes were flashing with a vigilant light in the darkness. When she came to the soft big bed, she vaguely saw a man lying there.

This must be her husband.

Arabella reached out, intending to feel his pulse.

But her thin wrist was suddenly clasped by slender fingers, and then, the world was spinning. When she came back to her senses, she was pressed down on the bed.

Arabella was startled. It was said that her husband was a terminally ill man, but the hand that was holding her wrist was very strong. He was a healthy man.

Who was he?

Arabella quickly bent her knees to hit his crotch.

But the man was nimble, so he easily dodged her attack, bent his knees, and pressed her so hard that she couldn't move at all.

His move was fast, accurate, and powerful.

"Who are you? Let me go!" When Arabella struggled hard, their bodies were rubbing against each other through the thin cloths.

Soon, he said in a deep and charming voice, "Bride, I did not expect you to be so enthusiastic. Do you want to consummate our marriage very much?"

Hearing the obscene words, Arabella was speechless.

She suddenly realized since the man could appear in this bedroom now, he must be her husband. However, he was not ill but a strong young man.

Suddenly, his slender fingers slid down from her chin to her chest and began to unbutton her wedding dress.

Arabella quickly grabbed his big hands and said, "I have stopped struggling! Can you also stop it?"

"Can you groan with pleasure?"


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