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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 103

Chapter 103

"Where...did he kiss?"

Looking at Aurora's impure eyes, Arabella said awkwardly, "Up from the neck."

Aurora was quite surprised. "Bella, I just said that he was mature and abstinent. A man's maturity not only depends on his speech and manner, but also depends on his wealth, power, and status. Most importantly, he is also mature in terms of sex."

Arabella blushed and then exclaimed, "Aurora!"

"He knows the sexual stuff very well while you are like an innocent rabbit. How could he forbear to hook up with you? Probably...he is now keeping you as a little girl, waiting for you to grow up into a woman."

Arabella was speechless. Whenever Aurora started talking about sex, it would be hard to follow.

Arabella and Kenneth had only kissed and nothing more. He held her on his lap that night and seemed to be enjoying kissing...

Noticing the glimmer of affection in Arabella's bright eyes, Aurora knew that she had fallen for Kenneth. Aurora was not surprised about it. After all, Bella met a great man like Kenneth when she was even less than 20, so it was hard not to fall in love with him.

Aurora also noticed earlier that Kenneth's eyes were fixed on Bella. He stared at her in a way a man looked at his darling.

Aurora was satisfied with Kenneth. However, Stephany remained an obstacle to the relationship.

Finally, Aurora came to the point. "Bella, what happened between Mr. Lucero and Stephany? Did you ask him about it?"

"Yes, I did. He told me that Stephany had saved his life."



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