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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 104

Chapter 104

Arabella was stunned, "What?"

"Oh, my silly Bella, for a man, the only way to show his love to a woman is to give the money to a woman, and the more money he gives to a woman means the deeper he loves her. Don't tell me that Mr. Lucero hasn't given you even a single penny!"

Arabella remembered that Kenneth had once given her a credit card. She had never used it, but still kept it in her bag.

"He gave me a credit card." Arabella took the black credit card out and handed it to Aurora.

Aurora gasped as she looked at the gold-stamped word "Lucero" on the black credit card. "I should have known it. After all, he is Mr. Lucero! You know what, this black credit card is personalized and with this card, you can use all of Kenneth's assets worldwide! Bella, although Mr. Lucero gave Stephany 1.2 billion, Mr. Lucero gave the whole Lucero Group into your hands, you rich bitch!"

Arabella did not know what this black credit card meant before, but now she understood.

Arabella couldn't help but feel a bit happy in her heart.

"Bella, let's go shopping tomorrow! With this card in your hand, you can almost buy everything you want in this world."

Buy things with Kenneth's card?

Arabella didn't want to do so.

However, Aurora tried to persuade her, "Bella, Mr. Lucero has a lot of money, so you don't need to worry that you may spend too much money. Besides, Stephany has spent your husband 1.2 billion, but you, my dear Mrs. Lucero, haven't used even a single penny of him. This is not right! Just do as I said, and don't worry, okay?"

Arabella made no answer.



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