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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Kenneth glanced at Randall and said, "I will cut off your hand if you touch her. Sit back down."

Randall didn't understand why Kenneth would care about Arabella.

Jared's cold black eyes, hidden behind the metal-rimmed glasses, showed a smile. "Randall, don't rush. Just sit down and watch the show."

Randall could only suppress his doubts and sit down. He had never been afraid of anything since childhood, except Kenneth.


Arabella came as promised. Of course, Caitlin was also here. Last time, her plan was ruined by Arabella, so this time she wanted to see with her own eyes what tricks Arabella could play.

At that moment, Nolan finally arrived. Caitlin quickly smiled and said, "Mr. Weber, last time it was Bella's fault, so I brought her to you to apologize to you."

Nolan snorted coldly, "She almost killed me last time. Could that be written off with a simple apology?"

That day, the large wolfhound kept licking him, and his penis was almost bitten off by the dog's sharp teeth. As a result, Nolan was so scared that he even urinated at that time.

As long as he thought of the embarrassing scene at that time, Nolan wanted to fuck Arabella to death.

"Then what do you want, Mr. Weber?"

"This apology is too insincere. Well, let Arabella drink these bottles of wine first."

Caitlin just wanted to agree, but Arabella said, "I don't drink. Whoever says yes should drink."

"Arabella!" Caitlin suppressed her anger and said with a smile, "Mr. Weber, why don't you choose a more sincere way for her to apologize?"

Nolan got her implied meaning and glanced around Arabella's hot figure. "Well, let Arabella perform a pole dance for me on the stage, and what happened last time will be written off."

After hearing this, Caitlin's eyes lit up instantly.

And she thought, "This is a good idea. Pole dancing is a kind of erotic dance that those unscrupulous women dance to seduce men. My two daughters are celebrities in Hardgrad, so they will never do such a thing. However, Arabella is quite suitable for this.

Therefore, Caitlin smiled maliciously and said, "Bella, now that you are already here to apologize, you should show your sincerity. You don't have to drink if you don't like it, but you must go on stage to perform a pole dance."

Of course, Arabella knew what Caitlin was thinking, but she still smiled and said, "OK, I'll go."

After saying that, Arabella stepped onto the stage.

The bar was still playing heavy metal music. Arabella wore a white dress tonight, and her fair and slender hands held the steel pipe. With a jump, her delicate body immediately spun a beautiful arc in the air.

Just now, the bar was still filled with a hubbub of voices. Now everyone's eyes were drawn to her dance. Everyone looked at Arabella wrapping her body around the steel pipe. She was spinning, jumping, dancing, and bending her flexible body into various beautiful postures.

Her pole dance was not erotic, but pure.

Soon, the pole dance was over, and Arabella stepped on the ground. Then the people who had returned to their senses burst into applause.

They all thought that they had never seen such a good pole dance before.

Arabella walked back to Caitlin and Nolan, and Nolan was almost drooling with fascination. "Arabella, I didn't expect you to dance so well. I won't say anything else about what happened last time, but you have to go back to my room with me. Let's talk about the capital injections for the Snyder Medical Group."

After the dance, Arabella's hands and feet were slightly sweaty. She looked at Nolan's lusty face and said, "OK. Please lead the way, Mr. Weber, and I'll go with you."

At the same time, Caitlin's gaze became vicious, and she thought, "I didn't expect Arabella's dance to still be so good after so many years.

I wanted to take the opportunity to humiliate her, but unexpectedly, she conquered all the men with her dance.


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