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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 110

Chapter 110

Aurora curled her bright red lips. "Miss, thank you, but we'll choose it ourselves."

Aurora had excellent fashion sense in various fields, so Arabella would not need any recommendations with Aurora next to her.

"Bella, which one do you like?"

Arabella flipped through the manicure book, and she was already dazzled by the colors in the book.

Aurora pointed to a color. "How about this?"

Aurora was pointing to a pink color, and it was a very soft hue of pink.

The manicurist could not help but praise, "This pink is the color of spring, which is very suitable for pure young girls."

Arabella was extremely pure, and she was young enough; this was exactly what Kenneth liked.

Aurora winked at Arabella and added in a low voice, "Straight guys will definitely like it."

'Straight guys?'

Aurora's implication was obvious. Kenneth was a straight man, and he liked this pink color.

Arabella could not refrain her snow-white earlobes from turning a little red. "Aurora, what color are you choosing then?"

Aurora flipped through the manicure book, saying, "I told you I have professionalism. Of course, I want a color that my employer likes to please him."

As her best friend, of course, Arabella knew that the so-called 'employer' Aurora mentioned was Jared.


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