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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 111

Chapter 111

Jared looked down at the manicure book.

Arabella looked at Jared's handsome face. He was no less attractive than Kenneth. The fine suit complemented his tall figure, and his elegant appearance exuded a calm restraint and cold alienation from head to toe.

Such a man would make others want to approach but not dare to.

Arabella genuinely could not believe what Aurora said just now. He liked the most beautiful women and would also choose bright red for a manicure. Mr. Gallagher should not be such a superficial person, so Arabella desperately wanted to verify it.

Then, Jared stretched his finger and said, "This one looks good."

He was referring to... red.

It was the color Aurora chose.

Arabella, "..."

At this time, Aurora came out. "Jared, you're here!"

Jared looked up to see her and spotted her new manicure.

"Jared, does my manicure look good?" Aurora stretched out her little hand and shook it in front of him.

'Of course, it looks good.

'How can it not look good?'


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