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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 116

Chapter 116

When Arabella rushed to the hospital, Janelle was lying on the bed. Although she was very weak, she had opened her eyes.

"Janelle, you're finally awake! You've been in a coma for a long time," Arabella said and held Janelle's hand excitedly.

Janelle looked at her beautiful face and said with a look of relief, "Ms. Snyder, you have grown up. If your mother could see what you look like now, she would be very happy."

"How did my mother die back then? Was she murdered?"

Arabella couldn't wait to ask for the truth. Although everything had gone smoothly since she had come back from the countryside, she had lost all the clues about her mother's death. The people in the know had died or fallen into a coma. And she had only been nine, so she did not remember what had happened then.

Janelle's pupils suddenly shrank, and then, she said with a look of fear, "That person is here! Ms. Lynch is found, so she must die!"

"Janelle, what are you talking about? Who is that person?"

Arabella had never seen her so frightened before. She looked as if she had seen a demon from hell.

Who was that person?

Seth, Caitlin, or Stephany?

Maybe it was a person she did not know?

Janelle waved her hands in the air for a long time, so when she calmed down, she looked even more tired. Then, she glanced at Arabella and said, "Ms. Snyder, do you know Confidential Medical Institute?"

Arabella certainly knew it because it was the largest traditional medicine institute in Hardgrad.

Traditional medicine was the most prosperous in Faykarta. Faykarta had long-history traditional medicine hospitals everywhere, while Confidential Medical Institute had been established only about 15 years ago. But it had strangely advanced by leaps and bounds over the years, suppressed the traditional medicine hospitals in Faykarta, and become the largest and best medicine research institute.


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