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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 117

Chapter 117

Arabella had been looking forward to Janelle's waking up for a long time because she was eager to find out the truth. But now, after hearing such shocking news one piece after another, she was confused.

Her grandpa was her mother's housekeeper?

What did it mean?

Her mother had married her housekeeper's son?

"Janelle, I can understand every word, but I can't figure out what you mean. I have a lot of questions, and I want you to answer them one by one."

Janelle looked at her lovingly and said, "Ms. Snyder, as long as you get back the box Ms. Lynch left, you'll understand everything."

Then, she closed her eyes tiredly and fell into a coma again.

After the doctor examined her body, he said in confusion, "Ms. Snyder, the patient has been in poor health for a long time, but I guessed she has taken some pill that can keep her heart healthy before."

Arabella had taken Janelle's pulse just now. As the doctor had said, she had taken a life-saving pill before.

But Arabella had not noticed it when feeling her pulse half a month ago. A person who could secretly prolong Janelle's life for so many years must have excellent medical skills, and Arabella knew it was her mother.

Her mother should have asked Janelle to take this life-saving pill ten years ago before passing away.

Arabella felt things were getting more and more confusing as if there were a huge net shrouding her.


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