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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 118

Chapter 118

When Arabella came to the study, Seth asked with a gloomy face, "Bella, do you know Kenneth Lucero, the president of the Lucero Group? What is your relationship with him?"

"Dad, did Stephany tell you I swiped Kenneth's credit card and let you ask me about it?"

Seth did not deny it but said, "Yes, she said that you have Kenneth's credit card. I remember when we celebrated Leia's birthday at Emgrand Hotel, the hotel manager dispatched a Rolls-Royce to send you back home. Did you hook up with Kenneth a long time ago?"

"Hook up?" Arabella said with a sneer in her bright eyes, "Have you ever used this phrase to describe Stephany's behaviors? She was eager to hook up with Kenneth, right?"

"You two are different! Stephany is single, but you are married!"

"But I can get a divorce! Why didn't you ask me to divorce? Stephany and I are both your daughters. No matter which of us marries Kenneth, you will be his father-in-law. What's the difference?"


Seth was at loss for words. Of course, there was a difference, and the difference was huge because Arabella was not his biological daughter!

During this period, the 12 billion dollars had made him live like a duck to water. Wherever he went, people would flatter him, so he hoped his daughter Stephany would marry Kenneth as soon as possible and make him his father-in-law.

Knowing Arabella had holed up with him, Seth flew into a rage and was afraid she would ruin his dream.

So, he said, "Anyway, Kenneth belongs to Stephany! She will become the daughter-in-law of the Lucero family sooner or later. Arabella, you must break up with Kenneth as soon as possible! Don't covet Stephany's man!"

Hearing his severe reprimand, Arabella, who was the real daughter-in-law of the Lucero family, said indifferently, "Dad, if I were you, I would have chosen to support me. Who can marry into the Lucero family depends on whom Kenneth likes. He cold-shouldered Stephany who graduated from Saint Medical College in Foxborough but was fascinated by me who is a married woman. If you're not stupid, you should know who to bet on."


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