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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 17

Chapter 17

At Emgrand Hotel, Arabella entered the lobby and wanted to go upstairs by elevator. At this moment, however, here came Kelsey, one of her acquaintances.

"Here you are, Arabella! This is Emgrand, the six-star hotel. If you aren't invited to Leia's birthday party, you won't come to such a high-end hotel. You bumpkin!" Kelsey said arrogantly.

Arabella pressed the elevator button and pretended to sigh, "Whose pug is released to bark at me?"

Kelsey replied angrily, "You!"

She soon saw Arabella's white lace dress, felt surprised, and said quickly, "Arabella, how did you get the dress? This is MOO, the world-known luxury brand. The cloth is MOO's catwalk dress for this summer's Milan Fashion Week. I saw it in a fashion magazine two days ago." 

Kelsey was a real fan of MOO. In fact, all rich ladies and young girls from wealthy families would spend a lot of money on MOO's new collection every season via many channels. Once one of them bought a MOO, she would show it off.

Unfortunately, as a limited edition, MOO was so high-end and expensive that few people could buy it.

Kelsey was a case in point.

She was shocked by the bumpkin who wore MOO's catwalk dress for this summer's Milan Fashion Week.

Of course, Arabella knew her dress was MOO. She wondered whether Kelsey would be pissed off if she told her she had a box of MOOs.

However, the MOO was offered by Kenneth, and Arabella was reluctant to attack Kelsey with others' stuff.

Seeing Kelsey's shock and admiration, Arabella walked into the elevator and said with a faint smile, "Are you curious about it? Sorry, I won't tell you the answer."

Kelsey had mixed feelings. She disliked Arabella very much, especially when she saw her slender figure. So, she said jealously, "Arabella, this must be a counterfeit dress."

When Kelsey finished, she entered the elevator as well and tried to tear Arabella's dress.

The dress was torn.

Shocked and irritated, Arabella said coldly, "Kelsey, what's your problem?"

Kelsey smiled without any fear, "What nonsense are you talking about? I can't understand you. I didn't do anything. If you say I tear your dress, can you find a witness?"

At this moment, Arabella went forward and tore Kelsey's dress as well.

The dress suffered the same misfortunes as Arabella's.

"Arabella!" Kelsey was pissed off. She didn't expect Arabella to dare tear her dress though she knew the bumpkin had a glib tongue.

Arabella scolded, as she always thought it was necessary to hit back at the guy who bullied her. "Have you ever seen anyone being kind to a mad dog? If I am bit by a mad dog, I will hit it violently with my stick!"

Kelsey was pissed off, since the bumpkin she had always looked down upon had the upper hand.

At this moment, the door of the elevator opened and Caitlin hurriedly greeted Arabella, "Arabella, what happened to your dress? You shouldn't join the party in a torn dress. Why not go upstairs and change your dress? There are several dresses there. Pick one you love."



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