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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Caitlin viciously stared at Arabella, she just felt like this MOO princess dress was tailor-made for Arabella. Her charisma was too beautiful. Even if she did nothing, she could easily become the focus of attention on the scene.

If the tragedy did not happen to the Snyder family ten years ago, Arabella would be the number one socialite in Hardgrad now.

Back then, Arabella and Aurora were in such a grand situation. The places where their private cars went in and out were surrounded by lots of rich princes. Everyone wanted to witness how amazing the legendary twin beauties in Hardgrad were.

The legendary twin beauties in Hardgrad...

Caitlin took a deep breath and quickly put on a loving face. Now the number one socialite in Hardgrad was her daughter, Stephany Snyder!

Caitlin came forward and affectionately held Arabella's little hand, "Bella, you've changed your dress. Come, let me introduce some friends to you... Wait a minute, why does your dress look so familiar? Isn't this... the princess dress that Leia is going to wear tonight?"

Arabella showed no surprise, she knew that the drama was about to start.

Leia looked at Arabella, "Bella, why're you wearing my princess dress? Today's my birthday. This MOO princess dress is a birthday present from my mother."

At this moment, Kelsey Conner quickly said, "Arabella, you're going too far. Today's Leia's birthday. Do you even want to snatch her princess dress?"

These socialites knew Leia had a MOO princess dress, so they immediately started talking about it.

"What's going on with this Arabella? Did she want to snatch Leia's MOO princess dress so she could be in the limelight? This is too selfish and vain."

"I think she's shocked to suddenly see the MOO princess dress when she just came back from the countryside and can't wait to appropriate it. A bumpkin is really frumpy, what a shame!"

Everyone's gaze became unfriendly when looking at Arabella.

At this moment, Seth came over. After going through the previous affair, he really did not want any more accidents to happen to make him lose face, so he looked at Arabella with a long face and reprimanded, "Bella, today's Leia's birthday. Do you even want to snatch her princess dress? Sending you to the countryside over the years has left you with no manners at all. Quickly go upstairs to change your dress and don't come downstairs again."

Leia pinched her own thigh, her eyes quickly turned red, and looked like she was about to cry with grief, "Dad, just forget about it. Bella and I are sisters after all. I just hope everyone's happy on my birthday. I'll just give this princess dress to Bella."

Leia tried to shed a few tears as she said that.

Now the gaze of all the rich women and socialites looking at Arabella was full of contempt.

"Today's Leia's birthday. I don't know if this Arabella purposely came here to make trouble, but she has actually made Leia cry."

"Leia's just too kind. If it was me, I definitely would let Arabella to take the MOO princess dress off."

"Get out of here, I don't want to see her at all!"

The scene had been under controlled, and this MOO princess dress could not be taken off from Arabella, Caitlin was very satisfied.

However, Caitlin was still very embarrassingly said, "Bella, why don't you go upstairs first..."

Arabella had remained silent. At this moment, she slightly frowned and whispered, "This dress is not Leia's."


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