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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Ten years ago, there was not only the legend of the legendary twin beauties in Hardgrad, but also the legend of the match made in heaven, Arabella and Melvin.

So, everyone present knew that Arabella used to be Melvin's fiancée. However, a man's relationship would change quickly, like he was flipping a book. So now, Leia had become Melvin's fiancée and the Spencer family's future matriarch. Hence, everyone acted pragmatically and used the phrase 'let bygones be bygones'.

Arabella had a perfect counterattack in the hall just now, but now Melvin came out of nowhere. Although these VIPs sympathized with her, they still obediently stood on Leia's side.

This time, the three members of the Snyder family were extremely arrogant.

Arabella's slender body was graceful and elegant. She slowly curled her red lips in front of everyone. "Although it's funny to see the things I used and discarded getting picked up by someone like it was a treasure, I still wish you a long relationship together because you are indeed a good match."

After she said that, Arabella left.

Everyone on the scene, "..."

Miss Arabella was so courageous as to compare Mr. Spencer to something she had used and discarded.

The victory on Leia's face froze because of this. Right now, she did not know whether she should still feel proud or not.


Arabella came out of the six-star Emgrand Hotel. At this time, Melvin came out with Leia in his arms. Leia quickly held Melvin's arm and said coquettishly, "Melvin, Bella is so pitiful. There's no car here to pick her up. Why don't we take pity on her and give her a ride?"

Melvin looked at Arabella, "Since Leia said so, get in the car, I'll give you a ride."

Arabella refused, "No need."

"Why?" Leia thought she was an actual princess now that she had Melvin backing her up. Therefore, she immediately turned her head and looked at Seth aggrievedly. "Dad, I kindly asked Bella to get in the car with me, but she refused. I have to go to a candlelight dinner with Melvin later. Do you think Bella is doing this on purpose?"

Seth was pampering Leia like she was a princess because he desperately needed a wealthy son-in-law like Melvin. His requirement for his daughter was to marry into one of Hardgrad's four giants. So, no one could ruin this marriage, especially not Arabella.

Seth said in a deep voice, "Bella, why are you throwing a tantrum? Hurry up, get in the car, and don't waste Mr. Spencer and Leia's time."

Caitlin felt the most pleased. She snickered, "Bella, this is the Emgrand six-star hotel, you can't get a taxi here. Don't try to preserve that last ounce of dignity. Let Mr. Spencer and Leia give you a ride."

Arabella felt that this family was so strange. She smiled and gave Leia a meaningful look, "Although I can't take out a check for half a million, I still have a way to go home by myself. I'll go around you in case someone sees me. If not, I'll..."

Leia's face abruptly changed. Arabella was mentioning the check for half a million!

If Melvin and her parents knew that she had written a check for half a million dollars to provide for Arabella's pretty boy, she would be out of luck. Because not only did she fail, she was even humiliated by a few gangsters afterward.

Leia admitted that she was once charmed by that pretty boy, but she had loved and adored Melvin since she was a child. She had vowed to marry Melvin and join the Spender family to become the matriarch of a well-off family.

Melvin was her ultimate goal.

Arabella had dirt on Leia, so Leia quickly lost her arrogant temper and tugged on Melvin. "Melvin, let's go."

At this time, the manager of the Emgrand Hotel came out and politely asked, "Excuse me, which one of you is Miss Snyder?"

The manager of the Emgard Hotel suddenly came out, and everyone was shocked.

Everyone knew that the Emgrand Hotel was an industry under the Lucero Group. The number one giant in Hardgrad, the Lucero family, had always been a legend, and they were quite mysterious and low-key. Even the dignitaries in Hardgrad needed to make reservations for this hotel in advance. The hotel had cutting-edge international services, so naturally, everyone rarely saw the manager of the Emgrand Hotel.

Caitlin was the first to react. She quickly grabbed Leia, "Hello, this is Miss Snyder."

Since the Lucero Group was involved, Seth was very excited. "Yes, yes, that's Miss Snyder. May I ask why you are looking for my daughter?"

The manager of the Emgrand Hotel came to Melvin and Leia. First, he greeted Melvin politely and courteously, "Mr. Spencer, hello."

Judging from the manager's calm and collected demeanor and how he was not the least bit flattering when he was in front of Melvin, one could tell that he was experienced and worldly.

Melvin nodded his head with one hand in his pants pocket.

The manager then averted his gaze on Leia's face. "Excuse me, are you Miss Snyder?"

Leia did not know what kind of luck she was having today. Even the manager of Emgrand Hotel had personally come to her. First, she gave Arabella an incomparably smug look and then looked sweetly at the manager. "Hello, I am Leia Snyder."

"Leia Snyder?" The manager shook his head. "Sorry, I'm not looking for you, I'm looking for Miss Arabella Snyder."

Everyone inhaled sharply when they heard that.


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