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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 21

Chapter 21

She sent a picture of herself in a bathing suit to Kenneth!

There was a peace agreement between the two, so they had each other's contact. Plus, Arabella remembered asking, "Do you want to add each other on Line?"

Kenneth, the business tycoon, frowned slightly at the time, obviously not having used it. However, when he returned that night, he had a Line on his phone and added her.

What was she doing?

Was she an idiot?

Arabella quickly thought of deleting it, but it was too late, so the time allowed for her to delete had expired.

She was really going crazy.

On the other side, she received Aurora's Line message again. Aurora had sent her a few pictures. [Let me see if your circumference has changed. Recently Victoria's Secret has come out with a few new nightgown styles. Go find out the taste of your man.

[What about this? Even though it looks hot, it still looks adorable.

[What about this one? It looks innocent but it's burning with desire.]

Arabella, "..."

The company's top executives were sitting on both sides of the long conference table in the VIP conference room. Meanwhile, the CFO was reporting on the year's sales.

Everyone held their breath and listened carefully, but they still could not help but steal glances at the man sitting in the main seat.

Today, Kenneth was wearing a fitted black suit with a white silk scarf folded in his suit pocket. He had pushed the fringe on his forehead above his head, revealing his exquisite and handsome features. In addition, his eyes were looking down and he was focused on flipping through the documents, exuding the charming quality of a successful businessman in his every move.

Noble, mature, powerful, tricky, and inconstant.

The VIP conference room was so quiet that even the sound of a pin dropping could be heard. Suddenly, a phone made a 'ding' sound.


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