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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 3

Chapter 3

At this time, there came a knock on the door and the butler Bryson's voice from outside the door, "Mr. Lucero."

Kenneth said lightly, "Come in."

Bryson pushed the door open and walked in, "Mr. Lucero, Mrs. Lucero... what to do with her?"

Kenneth was standing by the bed. He looked tall and handsome in a white shirt and black trousers.

Kenneth lowered his eyes and skillfully flipped the shiny silver button on the sleeve of his shirt with his fingers. He glanced at Arabella casually and said, "You don't know yet, but there are two wolves in the backyard of Floweret Garden. How about... I throw you in to feed them?"

Arabella's heart tensed. This marriage was arranged by the older generation. There were four giants in Hardgrad, the Lucero family, the Gallagher family, the Hudson family, and the Spencer family.

The young master of the Lucero family was most powerful. Legend had it that he was the youngest and most handsome business tycoon, but no one had seen his face. He was quite mysterious.

The Floweret Garden was located in a remote place, and it was not a wealthy family at first glance. The Snyder family had sent someone to investigate the Floweret Garden, only to find out that there was a young man and his grandmother living in Floweret Garden, and the young man was the legendary ghostly husband who was terminally ill.

Caitlin's biggest wish was to marry her two daughters into the four giants of Hardgrad, but she had never expected to marry her daughter into Floweret Garden. Caitlin wanted to ask the deceased older generation of the Snyder family how they had arranged this ghostly marriage.

Caitlin didn't want her daughter to marry into such a family, but Seth was a traditional and filial son and he was unwilling to break the marriage contract made by the older generation.

Her daughter certainly wouldn't marry into such a family. Caitlin thought of Arabella, so she took her back home and married her into the Lucero family instead.

So as far as Arabella knew, the man in front of her was not a dignitary. But at this moment she felt confused.

The man standing in front of her looked proud, cold, and noble like a king.

He raised wolves in the backyard, which was not entertainment for ordinary people.

Arabella wanted to say something, but he suddenly put his hands on the table and narrowed his eyes lightly in pain.

The butler's expression changed greatly, and he said quickly, "Mr. Lucero, I'm going to call the doctor now!"

Arabella's eyes moved down and found the two big hands he was resting on the table had blue veins, which looked like a symptom of an illness.

Was he sick?

Moreover, it was a terrible disease.

At this moment, Arabella met his narrow scarlet eyes. Kenneth turned to look at her, and said to the butler, "Get her out of here!"

The butler said quickly, "Mrs. Lucero, you'd better hurry up and leave."

Arabella knew she couldn't go. This time she had returned to the Snyder family with a purpose, and she needed the status of the bride of Floweret Garden.

Arabella looked at Kenneth with clear eyes, without the slightest dodging, "You are sick. What is it? I know a little about medicine, and I am good at acupuncture. I think I can treat you."

Kenneth pursed his lips coldly, and almost shouted, "Get out!"

Arabella not only did not go out but approached him, "I smelled Lili Bulbus, Poria Cocos, Gastrodia elate Blume, and other precious medicinal herbs on you just now. These are all traditional medicines for the treatment of... insomnia. If I guessed correctly, you should have a sleep disorder that keeps you awake at night."

The butler looked at Arabella in shock and said, "Mrs. Lucero, you..."

Arabella's eyes fell on Kenneth's handsome face and she said, "How far is your sleep disorder? Once the sleep disorder progresses, it will seriously affect a person's mental state. When your body is exhausted to the extreme, but cannot rest and relax, it will trigger another self in your body, a gloomy, grumpy, scary, and almost morbid self."

Kenneth's long and narrow eyes became redder and redder, and his handsome eyebrows were now covered with a gloomy air. He stretched out his hand and grabbed Arabella's neck.

Her neck was very delicate. As long as he squeezed it lightly, she would die.

"Mrs. Lucero, don't irritate Mr. Lucero anymore! Mr. Lucero, let go of Mrs. Lucero!" The butler almost rushed over anxiously.


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