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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 32

Chapter 32

As soon as Arabella raised her head, she saw Kenneth who hadn't left.

Jared and Randall had also come, but they were standing at the door.

Randall smiled, "Hello, Bella "

Hearing this, she could only force a smile.

Soon, Bryson said with a thermos container in his hand, "Mrs. Lucero, Mr. Lucero asked me to cook some porridge and two side dishes for you. Please eat before they get cold. If you want to take care of a patient, you must stay healthy."

Arabella hadn't eaten anything after lunch, but she had never expected him to be so thoughtful that he had asked people to prepare dinner for her.

When she turned to look at Kenneth standing by the window on his long legs, he had taken off his black coat.

Besides Aurora, he was the only person who had made Arabella feel so warm, but she decided to restrain her feelings for him.

He was dangerous and was tempting her to fall for him step by step, so she was afraid that she would fall into the abyss doomed eternally.

Arabella walked up behind him and said, "Mr. Lucero, I'll stay here with Janelle tonight. Please go back and have a rest."

Kenneth turned to look at her and asked, "Why didn't you answer my call?"

Arabella was stunned for a second and then replied quickly, "I didn't hear it."

"What about my message? You didn't check Line either?"

Before Arabella could reply, Randall at the door interrupted, "Ken, I did not expect you to have a Line account! You turned a deaf ear when I asked you to download it. Show me your phone! I bet Bella is your only friend on Line. You put the ho before bro!"


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