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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 37

Chapter 37

He caught her little tail.

Arabella blushed and quickly struggled to free herself. "What are you doing? Let go of me!"

Kenneth didn't loosen his grip and even tugged the little tail. "Is it your new taste?"

Arabella was confused and then realized something after hearing what Kenneth said. There were so many sex nightgowns in the closet, and why did this one have a cute style? It turned out that the nightgown she was wearing was just another different type of "hot" nightgown.

Arabella reached out and pushed Kenneth away. "Mr. Lucero, you are so shameless!"

Kenneth grabbed her little tail and didn't let go. He raised his eyebrows and said, "Why did you say that?"

"Is that wasn't you who prepared all the clothes in the closet? You're really shameless!"

Kenneth glanced at the closet and said, "I didn't do that! It was grandma who prepared them for you."

Mrs. Sharon?

Arabella was speechless.

She stood there with her jaw dropped. "Mrs. Sharon?" she thought, "She knew so much!"

It was like the old saying, "Aged people are more tricky".

Kenneth looked at the little Rylie and asked, "How is the cat? Does it behave well?"

Arabella tried hard to pull back her little tail while speaking, "Yeah! Rylie is a good cat."

"Then how about you? Are you being good?"

Arabella made no answer.


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