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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 7

Chapter 7

What did he mean?

His gaze on her red lips seemed to be a hint. The best way for a woman to thank a man was of course blowing him a kiss.

Arabella's heart skipped a beat and her ears turned red. "I have no idea."

Then she turned her head to look out the window and hence ignored him.

Kenneth knew she was avoiding this. She was smart, independent, and unwilling to easily trust someone. As a 19-year-old girl, she had experienced too little in terms of relationships, so she couldn't stay calm when a man tried to flirt with her.

The car stopped at the red light. Through the car window, Arabella saw the most famous cake shop in the city.

"Do you want some cake?" Kenneth asked in a low voice.

Arabella said softly with a bit of sorrow in her eyes, "My mother often took me to that store to buy cakes."

Kenneth turned the steering wheel and stopped by the road. "We'll buy some if you want."


This cake shop was a time-honored one in the city and their cakes were sold in limited quantities. It was especially popular among the rich ladies.

Arabella loved cakes since childhood. Her mother often brought her here to buy cakes. Those were the sweetest memories.

The last time Arabella came here was ten years ago.

Her eyes were a little red, but she didn't want Kenneth to see this. "Well, please wait a few minutes. I need to use the bathroom."

She went to wash her face.

Kenneth looked at her retreating figure. He noticed that she was about to cry just now, like an innocent little girl.

Then he walked into the cake shop.

Coincidentally, Leia was also in the shop, along with her best friend Kelsey Conner.

Kelsey grabbed Leia's arm and asked, "Leia, just now you said that Arabella has a toy boy, is it true?"

Leia sneered contemptuously, "Of course it is true. I saw the toy boy drive her home."

"Keeping a toy boy is very expensive now. Since Arabella just came back from the countryside, where did she get all the money to pay him?"

Leia said, "A toy boy is actually a hustler, and hustlers are also graded. Top hustlers are good-looking, hot, and awesome in bed. It will cost a fortune to sleep with them once..."

At this moment, they heard a deep and magnetic voice. "A cake, please."

This voice sounded amazing.

Both Leia and Kelsey were attracted and they saw Kenneth at once.

He stood upright at the counter in his white shirt and black trousers. He was tall and leggy, perfectly proportioned like a supermodel. People would be captivated to just see him standing there.

This man was too gorgeous.

Kelsey was already enthralled by him. She quietly pulled Leia's sleeve. "Leia, this man counts among the top kind."

He was good-looking, hot, and good in bed...

Leia had never seen such a handsome man. People said that the glory of power and wealth of a man was better than any other clothes. Kenneth's elegance and nobility made him the prettiest among all the men in white shirts and black trousers.

Leia had a huge crush on him.


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