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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 8

Chapter 8

While saying that, Arabella pointed at Leia and looked at Kenneth, "This is what she said."

Leia and Kelsey were stunned. "This man is really a gigolo kept by Arabella?" they thought.

Oh my God!

Leia felt a massive slap on her face.

The storekeeper took out a cake filled with strawberry jam. Kenneth took the cake and said to Arabella, "Let's go. Time to go back."

"Okay," Arabella followed Kenneth and left. She even looked back and waved to Leia, "Bye-bye."

Leia was dumbfounded. She didn't expect Arabella was really keeping a top-notch gigolo by her side.

Kelsey said mindlessly, "Leia, it seems that you really need to bow down before Arabella soon."

Leia glared at Kelsey quickly and fiercely.

Kelsey immediately let out an awkward smile and said, "Leia, I mean, the gigolo that Arabella is keeping is so handsome. I wonder how much does it cost to keep him?"

Kenneth didn't even glance at Leia throughout the process earlier. He treated her almost as if she didn't exist. This had made Leia, who was always confident in her beauty, feel very defeated and frustrated.

However, Kelsey's words quickly reminded Leia that Kenneth was just a gigolo that Arabella was keeping. She could pay him more money to snatch him to her side.

Leia was excited at the thought of this.

"Manager, give me the cake that I bought. We're going back." Leia went to get her cake.

The storekeeper refused to, "I'm sorry, two young ladies. I'll refund the money to you. I can even double the compensation. However, I can no longer give this cake to you."

"Why?" Leia and Kelsey were stunned.

The storekeeper smiled lightly, "Because I'm going to feed this cake to my dog."


Leia slammed the table and stood up, "Manager, what do you mean? Are you humiliating us?"

The storekeeper replied, "Am I not being obvious enough? You have offended a powerful person. I would rather feed this cake to a dog than give you to eat!"


The luxurious car stopped at Floweret Garden. Kenneth handed the luxury card to Arabella, "This is for you."

Arabella's thick eyelashes trembled. She wondered why Kenneth was giving her a bank card.

"I don't want it," she refused.

Kenneth smiled, "You certainly can't afford to support a gigolo like me. However, I am capable of feeding you, my Mrs. Lucero."

My Mrs. Lucero...

When Kenneth murmured these words with a magnetic voice, Arabella could feel her heart fluttering. Her heartbeat was already out of rhythm.

Arabella quickly opened the passenger door and got out of the car.

"This man is really alluring," she thought.

Arabella carefully put the luxury card into her handbag and entered the living room. Sharon greeted her with a smile, "Bella, you're back. Did everything go well during your visit to your parent's house?"

"Everything went well, grandmother. Let's eat cake together."

Sharon's eyes lit up. She quickly walked into the living room. She was rubbing her hands because of excitement, "Cake is good. I like to eat cake the most."

Kenneth walked into the house. He didn't head towards the living room but went upstairs directly. However, he stopped on the stairs and set his gaze on Sharon, "Grandmother, you have high blood pressure. A bite of the cake is enough."

Sharon was stuffing another bite of cake into her mouth. She replied seriously, "I know. I just want to take a bite to give the cake a taste. It's so sweet."

Arabella found Sharon's response to be funny. Arabella raised her head to look at the man on the stairs, "Do you want to eat cake?"

Kenneth didn't like sweets, "No."


"On the corners of your mouth..."

Kenneth was looking at Arabella's small face. A corner of the veil was slightly lifted because of eating cake, revealing her delicate jaw and half-covered red lips.


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