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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 92

Chapter 92

"If she dares! If anything happens to Stephany, I'll kill her immediately!"

"Stephany has always been known as a medical genius. She got excellent grades in school and skipped grades too. Later in life, she was the first person in the country to study at Saint Medical College in Foxborough as the top medical student. She is the number one socialite in Hardgrad. That country bumpkin should stop trying to take advantage of Stephany's fame, okay?"

Public opinion changed immediately because of Stephany's simple Tweet.

Arabella was not surprised. Since she returned, she had been turning the Snyder family upside down. She used public opinion to bring down Caitlin, who fell hard after achieving glory. Surely the netizens would suspect her.

She was indeed behind all these.

Arabella looked at her own Twitter account. She only had 800,000 followers. How could she compare with Stephany, who had 18 million followers?

It was not surprising that she was crushed now.

Arabella received many notifications. Her inbox was full of messages. Countless netizens sent her private messages.

They were all scolding her.

Arabella opened a few casually.

"You country bumpkin, go back to where you were now!"


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