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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 93

Chapter 93

In the face of Leia's complacency, Stephany's beautiful face didn't reveal anything. She just whispered, "Leia, I've arranged a foreign university for you, and you'll fly to study abroad in the next few days. Don't worry about our family affairs."

Leia was slightly stunned. She had not heard that she was about to study abroad. "Stephany, why do I have to study abroad? Do you dislike me and want to drive me away?"

Stephany took Leia's hand and comforted her softly, "Leia, you're my sister, so why would I dislike you? Arabella obviously came back to retaliate against our family this time. And it's easy for you to be at a disadvantage if you stay here. Just put your heart at ease and go study abroad. I'll transfer you on time your monthly living expenses."

When it came to living expenses, Leia was a little persuaded. And she thought, "After all, I can't get any advantage when facing Arabella. I was always at a disadvantage these few times. Therefore, it's better to go study abroad. Anyway, I don't have to worry about anything then."

"Stephany, then you have to transfer me as much money as I want."

"No problem. It's all up to you." Stephany lovingly touched Leia's nose.

After hearing that, Leia jumped away while saying, "Then I'll go back and pack my things now."

Stephany stood there and watched Leia's back as she left. The smile on her face gradually disappeared, and her eyes showed some cold disgust.

Meanwhile, she thought, "Leia is good-for-nothing. Therefore, keeping her by my side will hinder me."

At that moment, Seth's footsteps came from behind. "Stephany."

Stephany turned around and returned to her delicate and gentle expression. "Dad, why are you here this late? I'll take care of Mom. Go back and have a rest."

Seth looked at Stephany with satisfaction. Stephany had done a very good job these years, and she was even a talented girl. She was a capable child envied by other people and had earned him honor since she was a kid.

Seth's greatest hope was to make the Snyder Medical Group prosperous. As a result, Stephany, who had returned from studying at Foxborough Saint Medical College, was all he could count on.


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