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My Second Husband novel Chapter 691

Harley's jaw fell. What the f*ck!

He never thought that Amos would do such a strange thing. It would have been fine if they had worn that secretly in their bedroom, but they were wearing it in front of him and Thea now!

Harley buried his face in his hands and tried to gesture to Thea to leave, but Thea had already run towards Eudora.

"Eudora, your clothes are so pretty!"

It seemed that there was indeed such a thing as pregnancy brain.

"Where did you buy it? I want to buy one too!"

Harley was astonished.

He went over hurriedly and suggested, "One wouldn't be enough, would it? You could buy more if you want!"

"Yes, let's ask Tina to join us too. The three of us will wear this to go shopping in the future. It will look so good..."

Harley covered Thea's mouth and said, "Oh dear, how could you go shopping in this?"

Eudora looked at Harley in confusion and asked, "Why can't we go shopping in it? It's just a cosplay suit!"

Was it a cosplay suit?

Harley looked at it carefully, and it seemed to be true!

Were they not the kind of 'sexy suit' that the rumors were talking about? What exactly did Amos do then?

At this moment, Sugar Bun's voice could be heard from inside the room.

He was already awake.

Eudora quickly picked up a small mask and put it on, then she anxiously asked Thea to adjust it for her.

"How is it? Have you positioned it properly? You couldn't tell that it's me, right?"

Thea shook her head and asked, "Why don't you want others to know that it's you?"

Eudora had already turned around and ran into the room with a fairy wand in her hand.

The sound of Eudora's casting a spell for transformation could be heard.

Thea and Harley were in shock.

Harley didn't understand, "Since when has Amos become so hardcore? How could he do that to a beautiful girl?"

Thea punched him in the arm.

"What are you thinking about? Eudora is obviously doing it for Sugar Bun! Haven't you heard? He refused to let her touch him."

Thea lowered her voice.

She looked at the child in her arms, "I have worked so hard to give birth to the baby after ten months of pregnancy. I may have a mental breakdown if my kid rejects me in the future. Eudora is very strong!"

Harley frowned when he realized that his wife was upset. He quickly held her in his arms.

"No, our Cutie Pie is very well-behaved. He would never do that to you!"

Even so, Thea's tears still fell.

Their recent doctor's visit showed that she was suffering from slight postpartum depression. His advice was to always keep her company so that she would not think about those negative thoughts alone.

However, it seemed that her condition was getting worse.

Harley didn't want Thea to be upset any longer so he quickly turned her around.

"Alright now. Don't be sad. Didn't you say you wanted to eat doughnuts? I'll bring you there now, alright? You could eat as many doughnuts as you wish!"

Harley deliberately imitated Amos' bossy tone.

However, Thea only looked slightly happier.

Harley hurriedly brought Thea out.

Eudora danced and played with Sugar Bun the whole morning. Seeing the joyful smile on her son's face, she was very happy despite being exhausted.

If it weren't for the fact that Sugar Bun had also gotten tired, Eudora would have continued playing with him.


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