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My Second Husband novel Chapter 692

They were done with their meal shortly after. Amos carried Eudora into his arms when she yawned.

"Let's take a nap."

She had gone shopping the night before and she got up especially early in the morning to try on her new clothes. It was a given that she would be tired.

Eudora was still holding her phone, refusing to let go. This time, Amos was firm.

However, he compromised once again when Eudora started pouting like a little child, "I'll let you have the phone after you wake up."

Only then did Eudora close her eyes reluctantly. She really did feel exhausted.

The adrenaline in her body was still pumping minutes ago. The fatigue started to overcome her once Amos reminded her of it.

Amos stared at her. He got up and looked at Eudora's phone after she fell asleep.

He was not very familiar with phones because he didn't like to use them. Clint would usually make the appointments on his behalf. All he had to do was make calls whenever necessary.

He had learned to play games on the phone a long time ago because Eudora liked it. That was not difficult to learn.

He didn't know what kind of video she was looking for. Amos searched it like the way she had, but he didn't find anything worth a look.

Five minutes passed, ten minutes, and then twenty minutes...

Amos sat there stiffly.

In the end, he gave in and dialed Clint's number.

Clint had a wonderful night with his girlfriend. Thus, he woke up in high spirits.

However, he received a call from Amos earlier that morning, saying that he could not come to the company. Amos granted him full authority to handle everything.

If there was anything beyond his jurisdiction, they would deal with it at Amos' house after.

Therefore, Clint busied himself in the company for the whole afternoon. He brought over some documents to Clearwater Bay during his lunch break.

He received a call from Amos just as he stepped out of Valiant East.

Clint thought that Amos was going to urge him to work harder, so he could not help but feel pleased that Amos was finally showing some professionalism as a boss.

He thought that President Granger had completely forgotten about his job after having a family. Fortunately, it seemed that he still cared for his career!

"President Granger, I'll reach Clearwater Bay soon." However, Amos interjected.

"Clint, are you busy?"

Clint was bewildered.

"President Granger? Are you alright? Did something happen? Are you being held hostage?"

In the past, Amos would get straight to the point whenever he called Clint. This time, he knew to speak courteously to him. Clint was amused.

"If you're being held hostage, cough twice as a ciphered message."

Amos was lost for words.

"Your imagination is too wild! I just wanted to ask you some... serious questions."

Clint nodded and answered, "Oh, I've already reached Clearwater Bay. I'll head inside now." Five minutes later, Amos asked Clint about that serious question of his.

"If I want to look for videos that I am interested in, how do I do that?"

Clint was in disbelief.

Really? Was that his so- called serious question? Even a three-year-old child would know how to do it!

The third-year-old grandson of his mother's younger cousin's second aunt had already known how to do it. How could their wise and mighty President Granger ask him on ways to search for a video?

Clint resisted the urge to roll his eyes. After all, he was Amos' professional assistant!

(He didn't want to admit that he was afraid of Amos!)

He put on a faint smile, explaining the steps patiently, "First of all, you need to click on the browser..."

"You don't need to tell me this. That's how Eudora did it. I did the same thing but I had no luck!"


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