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My Second Husband novel Chapter 694

Kesha's funeral was not held extravagantly and Gordon preferred it that way. Kesha was already in a very miserable state when she passed and he didn't want to restrain her any longer.

It only took less than half a day for her to be buried.

Eudora was very concerned about Gordon's state, therefore, she followed him. She accompanied him, who stood in front of Kesha's tomb for a long time.

Soon, darkness fell, Gordon sighed and said, "Let's head back!"

Eudora looked at Gordon worriedly. Gordon was first to speak.

"Don't worry about me. I will go back to the sanatorium since Kesha is no longer here. I don't wish to trouble you anymore. My only wish is that both you and Amos will get along just fine. At least, I'd be in peace when my time is up here."

Eudora chased after him, "Let me accompany you back!" "There's no need forthat!" Gordon waved his hand, "I'll go by myself. I'm haven't lost my memory yet."

Even so, Eudora drove behind Gordon and made sure he reached the sanatorium safely before heading home with Amos.

Cindy took Juju and Sugar Bun to have a rest after a long and tiring day.

Eudora peeked through the door and watched them secretly. Juju had her arms wrapped around her younger brother and both of them were soundly asleep.

Closing the door gently, Eudora returned to the room and threw herself onto the sofa. She was too tired to move.

It had been a long and exhausting day.

She had already fallen asleep when Amos came into the room. Although asleep, sadness could be seen on her face. Amos was worried that she might catch a cold, sleeping with such thin clothes, so he carried her into the bathroom and helped her wash up. Hethen changed her into pajamas.

Eudora seemed to be having a nightmare. Kesha's words kept repeating themselves in her mind.

Was the true leader of the organization hiding among them?

Eudora kept asking, "Who is it? Didn't you say that the organization has already been destroyed?"

However, she could not seem to get an answer to her question.

All of a sudden, a black shadow loomed over her body, and she was plunged into darkness. Eudora was so frightened that she woke up from the dream immediately.

Amos, who was next to her, sensed her fear and wrapped his arms around her.

"What's wrong? Are you having a nightmare?"

Eudora shook her head, "I'm okay."

Even so, she was still nervous. She couldn't help but squeeze Amos' arm a little.

She hadn't been able to spend quality time with Amos recently because of the children.

As both of them were in bed now, she snuggled to get closer to Amos.

Amos' embrace tightened.

"Are you tired?"

His voice was hoarse.

Eudora shook her head, "Not anymore..."

Amos climbed up onto her and lowered his head to kiss her.

That night, the warmth from Amos's body calmed the fear in her heart temporarily. Eudora tried to convince herself that perhaps she really had thought too much.

Kesha did say that she didn't know much about Fabian.

Just because she knew the details didn't mean that they were the truth.

The police in Greene City had told them that the perpetrator had been caught, hence there shouldn't be any more problems.

Eudora was notified by Leslie the next day that the landlady in Greene City had finally returned.

She was finally back after a month.

Leslie tried to look for other suitable venues, but there were none.


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