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My Second Husband novel Chapter 693

Eudora and Amos arrived at the address given by Gordon ten minutes after.

It was a mediocre residential area. Eudora had arranged a nice sanatorium for Gordon previously, but he moved out of that place because of Kesha.

It was the first time Eudora realized that Gordon was living here.

The alley was very dark, and there was a strange smell in the air.

Eudora and Amos quickly walked in, and they finally found the place that matched Gordon's description.

They knocked on the door, and soon, Gordon opened the door.

His eyes were dull, but they immediately brightened up when he saw Eudora.

"Eudora, hurry. Kesha has been waiting for you."

Eudora was curious. Didn't Kesha hate her? Why did she still ask her when she was in such a terrible state?

Following Gordon's instructions, Eudora finally saw Kesha for the last time.

Yes, it was the last time.

Kesha was lying on a single bed against the window. She was looking out of the window at a broken flower pot.

There was nothing left in the flower pot. There was only a blade of wild grass growing out of the remaining soil.

Kesha looked at it for a while and suddenly reached out. She heard footsteps just as she was about to touch the broken flower pot.

She turned around, revealing her own face without any makeup.

She used to be an adorable child, especially the time before she started going to school.

Back then, she used to be Eudora's fangirl.

Whenever Eudora came back from school, Kesha would follow her around eagerly. She wanted to read the books that Eudora had, and she wanted to play games with her.

At first, Eudora was hostile towards her.

However, she gradually became more open-minded. Whenever she was in a good mood, she would even go the distance to buy delicious snacks for Kesha.

At that time, Eudora regarded Kesha as her adorable younger sister. However, when she returned home one day, Kesha became a completely different person.

She had bought Kesha's favorite honey kebabs that day.

She wanted to give her a surprise.

She opened the door, and she heard Kesha asking Felicia in a fit of rage, "Why is there an outsider in our family? Why did Dad treat her so well? He was not that nice to me! I don't like both her and Dad!"

Eudora did not hear Felicia's answer. She could feel her heart being crushed.

It turned out that the person closest to her had only treated her as an outsider.

She finished the honey kebabs herself in tears. From then on, she never treated Kesha well again.

From that day on, Kesha gradually revealed her true colors and became her rival.

She stole everything from Eudora ever since she was young.

She even tried to steal someone as trashy as Felix.

Eudora smiled mockingly.

Kesha's weak voice rang in her ears. "Eudora, you're here."

Eudora stood by her bed and asked, "What do you want to say to me?"


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