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My Second Husband novel Chapter 697

Eudora arranged for the things to be moved over once the location was decided.

At that time, not only Samuel and Leslie came along with her from Greene City, but most of the senior leaders who once contributed much to the organization came along with them as well.

This was how their organization worked. They value relationships more than money.

She changed the launch date to five days later. She began to prepare to move and pack things up.

Leslie and Samuel understood Eudora's current situation, so they took everything under their wing. All she had to do was monitor the progress.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day of the grand opening.

Amos had initially planned for Valiant East to help put up red banners together but Eudora was reluctant to accept Amos' help anymore.

Hence, she rejected the proposition.

She insisted that she could look after the business herself.

Fortunately, there were enough elevators in Valiant East. They were able to reserve an elevator for their floors without affecting the progress of Valiant East.

Eudora invited the employees to have dinner in the hotel to celebrate the opening of their business.

Amos brought both Juju and Sugar Bun. Wesley followed along too and settled the kids at the table near the stage.

Eudora was not in costumes that night, thus she didn't dare to go near the children. She could only watch them from afar.

The secretary brought a script with her and told Eudora that she had to make a speech on stage later.

Although she had hosted such events many times, Eudora was still a little nervous. Leslie suddenly became playful and poked Samuel with his finger.

"Come on, let's give Miss Eudora a big thumbs-up."

Samuel's face was uninterested, "Boring."

Leslie glared at him, "You ruthless guy. Miss Eudora has treated us so kindly. What's wrong with showing her a little support? No wonder President Granger has never liked you."

Well, that seemed to have struck a nerve.

Samuel frowned.

Eudora said hurriedly, "It's okay. I can handle it." Although she would get nervous easily, she could also calm herself down in a heartbeat. It would be bad if Leslie and Samuel were to quarrel over such trivial matters.

Eudora then turned around and waved in the direction of Amos and the children.

Leslie then glared at Samuel and gave a thumbs-up.

Samuel rolled his eyes at him and said, "Childish!"

Leslie hadn't heard him as he was cheering for Eudora.

Eudora smiled lightly and nodded at him.

There weren't that many people down the stage. Most of them had come because of Amos' reputation. Eudora didn't want the Holt Family's history to be exposed, so their company used a brand new name.

The name was also related to her mother's name, Emily. She took the word "ly" and named it Tyly Company.

Emily and Tyler.

Eudora took a deep breath and began her speech.

Down the stage, Amos held the children in his arms and they watched as Eudora made her way to the stage. Amos pointed to Sugar Bun and spoke.

"Your Mommy."

Sugar Bun took a look at Eudora and then looked elsewhere quickly. Another woman in a blue dress who stood in the center caught his attention.

"Da da da...," Sugar Bun said.

Juju pulled his finger back and said, "That's not Snow White. Snow White is the one on the stage!"


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