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My Second Husband novel Chapter 698

Amos was still speaking on the phone outside when he heard the commotion.

His heart skipped a beat. He ended the call quickly and ran towards the front entrance.

It was very crowded but he couldn't see Eudora and the children anywhere.

He couldn't see Wesley either.

He pushed through the crowd and noticed that the door at the back entrance had been forced open

Wesley came in from the back door with reddened eyes, holding Juju in his arms.

Juju started crying as soon as she saw Amos.

"I'm sorry, Daddy. It's all my fault. I lost my Sugar Bun and Mommy..."

Amos was confused and worried at the same time, "What did you say?"

Wesley couldn't help the quiver and he gave a brief account of what had happened.

"It's not Juju's fault. It's my fault for not being careful enough."

"No, blame me. If I hadn't run around, Sugar Bun wouldn't have been taken away by the bad guys. Mommy wouldn't have disappeared because she wanted to save Sugar Bun..."

Amos stroked Juju's hair gently even though his heart was in turmoil.

Juju was already blaming herself. As her father, he couldn't possibly place more pressure on her mental state.

Holding back the anxiety in his heart, Amos said softly.

"Juju, don't blame yourself. The bad guys have already had it all planned out! Uncle Wesley will bring you home first. Trust me, I will definitely bring your Mommy and Sugar Bun back, alright?"

Juju looked at Amos eagerly, "Promise?"


Amos then looked at Wesley and said, "Take her back and take good care of her."

Wesley's eyes turned red, "Mr. Granger, it's my fault. I want to stay here and look for Mrs. Granger and Young Master too!"

"Go home!" Amos lowered his voice and said, "I'll make the arrangements here."

Wesley knew Amos' temper well. He then nodded and said, "Okay, I'll go home right now then."

Amos could feel his knees growing weak after Wesley and Juju left.

He took out his mobile phone and quickly called Clint, Charlie, and Harley. He made several mistakes as he punched the numbers on his phone.

He was trembling all over as fear grew in his fear.

It was an unknown fear.

Amos went to the security room and looked at the surveillance footage once he notified the men of the situation.

The event should have gone on smoothly since Amos had specially assigned a lot more security guards this time.

How could such a thing happen all of a sudden?

A thought suddenly flashed through his mind but it quickly disappeared.

He shouldn't think too much, and he needed to get his priorities straight at this moment. His top priority was to find his wife and Sugar Bun.

No matter if it was Eudora or Sugar Bun, they shouldn't suffer any more harm!

Amos looked through the surveillance footage shown to him carefully but to no avail.

The footage was cut off right at the moment when the commotion happened. There was only darkness left on the screen.

Nothing could be seen!


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