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My Second Husband novel Chapter 699

The man, Baldrick, next to her had a bad temper.

Seeing that Eudora still couldn't soothe the child, he became frustrated and proceed to snatch Sugar Bun from her arms.

The way he was pulled made him cry even louder.

Eudora felt her heart breaking. She didn't know where the strength came from, but she kicked Baldrick hard and held the child tightly in her arms, "Don't be afraid, Sugar Bun. I'll protect you."

Baldrick was out of breath after being kicked by Eudora, "Damn, you look so weak. I didn't expect you to have this kind of skill. It seemed you want to fight with me, then shall we have a..."

He waved his fist at Eudora again.

The next second, the driver, Mark, said coldly.

"Enough! If you continue to make trouble, I'll kill you."

Baldrick took back his hand awkwardly.

"Why are you so scared? It's just a woman and a child. Even if we kill them, nothing bad would happen, right? Our boss was killed by this little b*stard's father, didn't he?"

Eudora was surprised and she tried to listen more.

"Alright, that's enough talk from you. If you want to remain alive, then keep your mouth shut."

Baldrick finally fell silent for a moment.

Eudora was suspicious, but she had no time to process it all. She continued to try to soothe the crying child.

Perhaps because Sugar Bun was too tired from crying, his voice eventually softened. In the end, he slowly drifted to sleep.

Eudora fumbled around with her hand in the dark and tried to wipe the tears on his face. She then hummed a lullaby.

The lullaby flowed slowly, accompanied by the baby's steady breathing. Being in an unknown van, she didn't know what would happen in the next moment.

However, at that moment, all Eudora could do was to stay calm.

Harley quickly investigated the routes that the kidnappers could have escaped on.

This included the surveillance cameras on the streets and dashcams from vehicles. However, it was obvious that the kidnappers were well prepared. They had purposely driven the routes with fewer surveillance cameras.

Furthermore, the car didn't even have a registered number plate, so the car couldn't be identified at all.

Their efforts were futile, Amos was at a loss.

Thomas had been dead for several years and his assistants had gone into hiding for many years.

Charlie took the initiative to contact them. Most of them had turned a new leaf and were now well-behaved citizens.

The progress of searching slowed down due to the lack of leads. No matter how anxious they were, they had to wait.

Charlie looked at the clock on the wall. It was already dawn. They had been searching for the whole night.

"Mr. Granger, why don't you go back and have a rest? I'll contact the others later. They'll be fine!"

Amos lowered his head and said after a long time, "I'm not sleepy."

The love of his life and Sugar Bun had been snatched away from him. How could he possibly rest?

"But..." Charlie was about to speak when Amos' phone suddenly rang. It was Wesley, "Mr. Granger, anything about Mrs. Granger yet?"

Amos pursed his lips, "Not yet. What's wrong?"

Wesley hesitated for a moment and said, "It's Juju! She has refused to eat or sleep once we came back..."

Amos stood up and said, "I'll head home and have a look."

In the Granger's manor's main hall.

It was quiet and empty. Everyone had gathered at the playroom.


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