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My Step Sister And I: Pregnant For Me novel Chapter 46

geez, this guy talks too much.

I hit him the bat twice on his back. You don't want to know how much it hurts.


"Aah!! Okay, okay, I'll talk" he said

panting. I didn't say a word but just stared at his

sweaty face.

"She's my ex..yes my ex" he said stammering.

"Good. What do you do to her often?" I

asked. He looked at me and spat but thank

goodness I stepped back and his stinking

spit didn't get to me.

"Ask her" he said proving stubborn to tell

me. I tried so hard to control my anger. I felt a soft tap on my shoulder. I turned to see Davis smirking.

"Bro, you know am good at this things. Let me help you a bit" he said grinning and took the bat from me while I stepped back.Seriously this guy is dead. Davis reached for his back pocket and brought out a small knife.

"Who doesn't love tattoos?" He asked


Next thing, he slammed the guy's face to

the ground and proceeded with the knife

coming close to his face.

"What are you trying to do? Stop! Leave me alone... Fine, I'll talk" he begged


"Too late–" Davis grinned and used the knife to slice his cheek writing a 'V' with


Wow... V for Vicky.

How nice.

Vicky's ex screamed in pain.

"Now will you talk or do you want me to write the whole alphabet on your cheek?"

Davis asked.


"Fine, I'll talk!!!!

"The b°•ch Vicky is my girlfriend! I always wanted to f°•k the hell out of her but she always escapes from me.

I traveled to Cuba to work and I returned yesterday to learn she's f°•king married and pregnant And when I find her, I'll dive a fork up her pussy and dig the baby out of her. And as for the husband, I'll cut his d°•k off and kill the jerk and rub him of his money. Now you hear it you son of a bitch!!!" He yelled like a psycho.

I smiled.

"Too bad the husband is truly a son of a

bitch" I said and turned to Davis.

"Do you have that recorded?" I asked. Davis smirked and nodded bringing out his phone.

He played what the guy said.



*Randy POV*



Six months!!!

Vicky is six months pregnant today. Oh! The joy that fiills my soul! Just three months to go and the nightmares would be over.

I felt pregnant pepper tap me on my arm.

I ignored her pretending to be asleep. It's late in the night. What could she possibly want.

"Randy. Please wake up" she said in her gentle voice. Pretender

She pat me again making me to pity her. In the next life, am done f--king stubborn girls.


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