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My Step Sister And I: Pregnant For Me novel Chapter 52

I had interviewed for higher positions many times, but the bosses were always cold and obviously disinterested in me. But I wasn't gonna let that discourage me. I kept trying and trying, hoping one of these interviews would take, desperate to continue my meteoric rise.

That brings me back to Randy.

The job of executive assistant to Randy was a highly prized position. That job would lead to big things to whoever held it. His last assistant, Vanessa, had just left for another company, leaving the position open.

A lot of people speculated about why she would choose to leave such a great, cushy job, but uh... haha, let's just say, I had some suspicions. But... that's another story.

Nevertheless, the job had opened up. And when it did, when the position working for Randy opened up, it felt like serendipity. At that moment, it all clicked into place. The solution to all my problems. The glass ceiling I had hit, the way people in the office looked down at me, my obsession with Randy, I could solve all those problems in one fell swoop. An insidious plan formed in my pretty little head. If I played this right, I would have to go down as, like, the smartest bitch ever.

I'm sure within an hour, Randy's inbox was filled with resumes. Mine was among them.

Even though the word was out and I was not likely to rise any higher in the company, they couldn't just not allow me to apply for new positions. They still had to at least give me an interview, and at least let things play out. And this little bit of forced generosity was all I needed. For this job, that would put me and Randy, alone in a room, one on one. Perfect.

That was exactly what I needed to put my plan into motion. And with his unwitting help, I was about to turn his life upside down.

My plan was beautiful. A work of art. In one ambitious maneuver, I had figured out a way to not only get promoted and, like, double my paycheck, but also get to the bottom of my obsession with Randy and, if I played my cards right, I could take control of this company in a manner so bold that even the hardened execs at the top of the company would have to respect it.

And the most beautiful part was, this plan relied on me doing the thing I did best. Better than just about anyone. What was my plan, you might ask?

I was gonna fuck Randy's brains out.

I was gonna put his hard dick in my tight pussy and blow his fucking world apart.

I was gonna conquer him.

I was gonna make him mine.

It was perfect. It was beautiful. And the sweetest part was, he was unwittingly the engineer of his own destruction. He had unwittingly created the blueprint for me to conquer him, and I was the first clever slut to figure that out.




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