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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 104

Chapter 104 Are You Jealous

Compared with the room that Clark reserved, Orlando's room appeared to be more solemn and business-oriented. Moreover, it was kept for them all year long, and its decoration was compatible with Orlando's style.

This building belonged to the Fletcher Group. The company was engaged in many industries and almost all the famous buildings in Chatville were built by the company.

Orlando also turned to look out of the window when he heard the words.

He frowned. Did that woman like this?

Randy patted on Billy's shoulder and said, "Billy, you may not know this. Perry likes Orlando. Last time in the gambling house, she directly gave me 200 million dollars because she wanted to leave a good impression on Orlando. Tsk. Tsk. That's a large amount! But she didn't even blink when giving the money to me."

Orlando knitted his brows and stopped his nonsense.

"Let's eat."

Randy directly pointed out what was in his mind.

"What's wrong? Are you jealous when the girl who likes you is now pursued by the other man?"

Randy was quite satisfied with Penny. After all, her face and figure were on the top-class tier in the whole Chatville.

She was much more beautiful than Angie Bender!

"Orlando, now that you don't like your wife, why don't you try with Perry? Are you really waiting for Angie? She left you to pursue her dream and both of you were too immature and stubborn at that time."

Billy coughed to signal Randy to stop.

Randy also realized that he had talked too much. He hurriedly picked up his glass and took a sip to cover up his embarrassment.

Orlando's phone rang at this moment. At that same time, in the next room, Penny's phone also rang.

She took a glance at the caller ID on the screen and then said to Clark, "I'm sorry. I have some matters to attend to and I have to leave now. Mr. Mckay, I hope you can keep my relationship with Orlando a secret. After all, we will divorce one day. If many people learn about this, it will have a negative influence."

Clark was not a long-tongued man. But he was a bit doubtful because he could tell from Penny's tone that she was very willing to divorce Orlando.

It made sense that Orlando didn't like such a capable and stunning beauty. But how would Penny have no feelings for Orlando?

Despite his unwillingness, he had to admit that Orlando was on the top-class tier of men in Chatville in terms of family background and appearance.

How would Penny have no feelings for such a man?

It was truly hard to understand these two people.

Penny picked up her phone and walked out of the room, and it happened that the door of the next room was also open at that moment. It was Orlando walking out.


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