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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 105

Chapter 105 He Must Hate Her to the Core

Orlando's chest was pressed tightly against her back and one of his arms wrapped around her waist.

Right at this moment, the elevator stopped on a floor. What they needed to do now was to wait for the rescuers.

Orlando should let go of her, but none of them moved.

Penny didn't move because she hadn't noticed that their current positions were very intimate. Moreover, as they were the only two people in the elevator, it would be safer for them to stay close, not to mention that only this side of the elevator was equipped with a secure hand.

Penny even wanted to move backward to shorten their distance because this could offer her more sense of security.

She only realized how close they were to each other when Orlando's breath sprayed on her ear.

Through the thin crack of the elevator's wall, one could see that a man was holding a woman in his arms.

Penny subconsciously wanted to stay away from him, but Orlando's hands reacted quicker than his brain when he noticed Penny's intention.

"Don't move. Wait for the rescuers obediently."

Penny lowered her gaze and steadied her breath, trying to ignore the close distance between the two.

Orlando had pressed the emergency call button and the staff members of this building should have received the notification.

Elevator falls were not common. Orlando knitted his brows. He felt as if he would always encounter accidents whenever he met Penny.

Penny had her back to Orlando. And because of this posture, the back of her fair neck was inevitably exposed.

The backs of human beings' necks were weak and sensitive. When Orlando's breaths sprayed on it, Penny felt as if they penetrated her nerve through her poles and flew down her spine. She felt numb and stiff.

She was trying her best to resist such a feeling, but fragmented memories of that night still swarmed into her mind.

Orlando who stood behind her had the same feeling. A confined space. A man and a woman with their skins pressed together through thin clothes. They could even hear each other's heartbeats.

But he still managed to analyze this rationally. He guessed this should be the "misattribution of arousal" in psychology.

The "misattribution of arousal" refers to the phenomenon where a person's heart rate increases involuntarily when crossing a suspension bridge with fear and anxiety. And if, at that moment, he encounters the other person, he may mistakenly attribute his accelerated heart rate to the attraction to the other person, which may lead to his psychological reactions that is, he will fall for that person.

Therefore, it was probably because of this that his heart skipped a beat when he pulled Penny into his arms just now.

Orlando loosened his grip at the thought of this and slowly distanced himself from her.


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