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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 112

Chapter 112 Embarrassment

Penny didn't expect Orlando's response, so she went to shower after sending the message.

When she got dressed and walked out of the bathroom, she found he had transferred the 20 thousand dollars back without any words. She frowned, wondering whether it meant he didn't want her compensation.

She knew he was not short of money but was always cold to her. To be precise, they were mean to each other. They were not so close that she could be exempt from the compensation of 20 thousand dollars.

She couldn't figure out what he was thinking but clearly remembered what had happened during the meal with him. So, she took a photo of the hole in the umbrella and sent it to him.

Then, she urged the intermediary, hoping the bank to allocate funds as soon as possible. She wanted to move out of Hills Villa because it was inconvenient always to avoid him. She was self-aware and knew he would hate her and drive her out as soon as he found out her identity tomorrow.

When Orlando saw the photo, he had just finished wiping his hair. Then, he replied, "I see."

"Do you want me to repay?"


Sensing his coldness, Penny stopped the topic and said, "Thanks."

Their conversation was boring, so she put the phone aside and stopped chatting.

Orlando turned on the computer and began to review a new batch of documents. Suddenly, he saw the gift box on the table. It was a gift from Rex to Penny. Orlando frowned, stood up, and walked out with the gift box.

Anika was wiping the decorations in the villa. Seeing him coming out, she quickly put down the duster cloth and asked, "Mr. Fletcher, what's the matter?"


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