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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 113

Chapter 113 Apology

They had been married for three years. He had never slept with her but found she had a sex toy. He had no ground to blame her. But she should not have placed it in such a prominent place.

His brows furrowed when her face flashed across his mind, and a hint of disgust flashed in his eyes. But because of Rex, he must maintain the marriage.

Orlando soon calmed down, turned on the computer, and continued to work.

Penny did not know he had mistaken her facial massager for something else. While trying to find a new construction team, she was worrying about the banquet tomorrow. She took out her phone. Orlando had sent a message to her private number and asked her to meet him at the Fletcher's mansion. Although she failed to see him because of the accident, he had her number. So, she planned to inoculate him with her number.

After hesitating for a long time, she carefully typed a message, saying, "Mr. Fletcher, we have met before."

After sending the message, she got no response after a long time.

Penny raised her eyebrows, thinking it was funny. He disliked his nominal wife so much that he didn't care about her identity.

Fine! She would talk with him about it tomorrow. Anyway, she had already sent him a message.


Cason called Penny early in the morning before she woke up and asked if she had prepared a dress for the banquet. Penny had never attended such a banquet before. So, she decided to buy a dress after being reminded.

"Penny, I've sent a dress to Hills Villa. You can wear it."

He was concerned about her dress. After all, the banquet would be held at the Fletcher's mansion. Not many people in Chatville could get in there. Rex would attend the meal this time. And Cason was sure he would introduce Penny to the other people in high-society circles in Chatville. It was a good chance!

"Penny, I can't go because of my poor health. I cough badly even if taking only two steps. Rex holds the banquet to counteract his bad luck. I will offend people if I go. Remember to have a good chat with him, OK?"

If it were in the past, Penny would have felt sad because Cason was using her as a tool to save the Stuart family. But she did not care now. After all, he was dying.


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