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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 118

Chapter 118 You're Not Mad at Me

Anika brought her the ice, but after an hour of applying it, the swollen area still throbbed painfully, especially when she put on her high heels. It felt like needles were poking at her skin.

Beads of sweat formed on her forehead as she pushed through the discomfort to continue with her makeup.

Anika couldn't help but feel sorry for her.

"Ms. Stuart, how about I call Rex, and you can go another day?"


The primary purpose of this banquet was to cheer up Rex. He had been so kind to her, and she had already missed picking him up earlier. She couldn't afford to disappoint him on such a momentous occasion.

Penny completed her makeup, wearing the bracelet Rex had given her. Apart from that, she had no other accessories.

With her naturally fair skin and calm demeanor, paired with a dress accentuating her waist, she looked exquisite, like a winter plum blossom.

The emerald bracelet on her wrist made her appear even more nobly attractive.

After finishing her preparations, Penny wasted no more time and got into the car.

However, not long after the car departed, she received a call from Cason, asking her to make a detour to Stuart's mansion and bring Lana along.

Penny furrowed her brows. "Dad, why does Lana need to go? Isn't she feeling unwell?"

"She is, but she heard about this event and wanted to join the fun. Rex likes you, and he won't mind if you bring one more person. Penny, she's your sister, and she's been in the hospital for years without the chance to attend any big gatherings. I'm busy, so take her with you."

Penny didn't particularly like or dislike Lana, and she agreed.

The car then headed to Stuart's mansion, where Lana was already waiting in her evening gown.

Due to her illness, she appeared delicate.

Helen didn't argue with Penny tonight; perhaps she realized that for Lana to attend an event like this, they needed Penny's help.

Helen wanted to go but couldn't ask Penny for this favor. But she was okay with Lana attending in her place.

Maybe someone would have their eye on Lana, and there was a possibility of her finding a wealthy suitor.


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