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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 119

Chapter 119 Getting Injured for Her

But suddenly, a few rough-looking guys appeared beside Noah and gave him a shove.

Then, they led Noah into an alley nearby.

Penny took a few steps and had to lean against a tree by the side of the road, gasping in pain.

Worried that Noah might get into a confrontation with those thugs, she gritted her teeth and followed.

In the dark alley, she could hear the sounds of punches, kicks, and curses.

"When are you going to pay up? If you don't, I'll beat you to death today!"

"You bastard made it so hard for us to find you. How dare you run away!"

Penny had just reached the alley entrance when she heard these voices.

She quickly dialed the emergency number and shouted, "Stop!"

The thugs paused, turned their heads, and saw her in a formal dress. One of them whistled and then slowly approached.

"Hey, beauty! Noah, when did you start hanging out with a beauty like this?"

Noah curled up his body, trying to protect his head as best as possible. He looked up at Penny with anxiety in his eyes.


Noah's voice was trembling from the pain. He was trying to stand up, but those kicks had broken several of his ribs, making it impossible for him to exert strength.

Penny was both angry and frustrated with Noah. He was in his late twenties and still had no decent job. She couldn't believe he had ended up as a beggar in Chatville!

She was angry and thought about how Philip and Haley would feel if they knew.

But when she saw the thugs approaching, she slowly backed away.

Her leg was still hurting, and she was wearing high heels. As she backed away, her heel caught on a raised part of the sidewalk, causing her to fall backward.

This wasn't good.

She was probably unable to walk now.

However, the expected pain didn't come. Instead, someone grabbed her waist, and she could feel a man's calm, distant presence.

Penny slightly raised her head and saw the man's jawline.

She recognized the familiar scent and froze for a moment. After standing up, she quickly distanced herself.

"Mr. Fletcher."


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