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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 120

Chapter 120 He Got Hurt While Protecting Me

Penny was startled; she saw Orlando's fierce expression as he kicked the thug away.

The thugs, realizing they had kicked a hornet's nest tonight, didn't dare to linger. They clumsily helped each other up from the ground and hastily retreated.

"Mr. Fletcher! I'll take you to the hospital."

Penny gripped Orlando's hand tightly, her fingertips trembling.

However, her high heels made it difficult for her to move, and her leg was in considerable pain.

Orlando frowned; the injury was on his right hand, which would be inconvenient.

He watched Penny kick off her high heels, standing barefoot on the ground. This unexpected move made his face show a rare trace of concern.

If Keely found out that Orlando got hurt because of her, she might unleash her fury.

Plus, Penny owed him a favor tonight.

Penny got into Orlando's car, simultaneously grabbing Noah, who had been planning to escape.

"You're coming with me too!"

Noah looked miserable and somewhat afraid of Penny. He hesitated and, seeing the luxurious car, he dared not get in.

Penny didn't waste time talking to him; she pushed him into the passenger seat.

Zane, the driver, saw Orlando's injury and immediately stepped on the gas pedal.

The car quickly headed towards the nearest hospital.

A few minutes earlier, the car Penny had exited had caused a traffic jam due to her abrupt departure.

She had been in a hurry to catch Noah and hadn't noticed that it was not a suitable spot for parking.

She hadn't realized she was in a no-parking zone because she had been hurrying to apprehend Noah.

As the honking and angry shouts from the blocked traffic grew louder, Lana noticed the commotion and informed the driver.

"Let's move ahead. I'll call Penny and let her know. Maybe she'll catch a ride with someone else to the Fletcher's mansion."

The driver had no choice; the party was about to start, and it was inappropriate to be late.

So, the car proceeded towards the Fletcher's mansion.

As Lana watched the mansion draw nearer, anticipation and excitement rose.

This would be her first public and significant encounter with Orlando.

Before, she had only observed him from afar, and he probably saw her as just another passerby.

There had been a flicker of something complex in his eyes during their last meeting, even a hint of annoyance.


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