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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 13

Chapter 13 I'll Keep You Updated

Ryder paused. It suddenly dawned on him.

How dare Penny use Orlando's influence and boast that she was his wife?

This woman was so bold.

Since Orlando denied it, Ryder made up his mind secretly that he wouldn't show any mercy to Penny if he met her again.

Penny left the golf club and got into her car. When she thought of Ryder's despicable plan, she was disgusted.

She could only go back first and think of another way.

There were luxurious cars everywhere in the parking lot, and her car looked out of place.

Penny stepped on the accelerator and backed the car carefully.

A car behind drove fast and hit the rear of her car.

Her car moved forward uncontrollably, and Penny's head almost hit the windshield.

The impact of the crash moved her car three yards forward, and it hit the Bentley that was parked nearby.

Penny opened the door and got out of the car. The driver was a middle-aged woman with sophisticated makeup. When the woman saw that she had hit an ordinary car that cost tens of thousands, she wore a disdainful look.

When the woman looked at Penny's pretty face, she thought Penny was only an online celebrity who came here to hook up with rich guys.

Penny didn't miss the disdainful look on the woman's face. She glanced at the luxurious car she hit. It was a Bentley with a familiar car plate number. She wondered if the woman saw that.

"My insurance company will call you for the repair cost. Don't waste my time."

The woman waved her hand impatiently, not bothering to look at Penny's face.

Penny frowned and tried to say politely, "Madam, there's the car before us..."

The woman interrupted her, "I told you. I have something important to do. Do you know where we are? I don't have time to stay here with you. I'll compensate for that car as well. Hurry up and leave. I need this parking slot."

The taillight of the Bentley was damaged severely, and Penny guessed the repair cost could be tens of thousands.

Since the woman was willing to take full responsibility, Penny didn't think she should do anything else.

After Penny drove away, the woman saw that the car she damaged was a costly Bentley.

Her face stiffened instantly, and the woman looked around. After she parked her car at the parking slot that Penny vacated for her, she entered the golf club without the intention of notifying the owner of the Bentley.



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