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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 14

Chapter 14 He's Lying

Penny stopped wiping her hair. She quickly thought of the Bentley that was hit at the golf club in the afternoon.

But didn't that woman agree to compensate for the car?

Penny frowned and changed into decent clothes, following the cops to the police station.

"Ms. Stuart, these are the photos of the damaged car with plate number 11111, and this is the surveillance footage. At twenty past six in the afternoon, you hit the rear of the car without leaving any contact information. The car owner wants to hold you fully accountable."

Penny turned sullen and pointed at another car in the footage. "That lady was in a hurry and said she was willing to compensate for the damages of that car, so I left."

"Ms. Stuart, the car owner is looking for you. This is the repair cost provided by his insurance company. Please check the bill."

The repair cost was 45,000 dollars.

Penny could afford that, but she felt it was unfair. That arrogant woman that hit her car in the afternoon walked away just like that?

"Ms. Stuart, if you don't..."

The cop was interrupted by a young cop who pushed open the door. "Ms. Stuart, someone has put up bail for you. You can leave now."

Penny was taken aback. She didn't tell anyone about this. Who put up bail for her?

She followed the cop out of the police station and saw a black car not far away.

The young cop nodded at her and said, "I think that's your family."

Penny smiled at him and said, "Thank you. Goodbye."

After he left, she turned around and went over to the car. When she was about to ask who it was, the car door opened, and a hand pulled her into the car forcefully.

Sensing something wrong, Penny screamed, "Hel..."

A hanky with a pungent smell abruptly covered her mouth and nose. She struggled, but she soon went limp and lost consciousness.

In her daze, she heard someone saying with a smile.

"Mr. Cain is waiting for her at the hotel. Hurry up and take her there. I guess he can't wait to have her."

"This woman is pretty. Look at her face and figure. She's a stunning beauty. No wonder Mr. Cain asked us to catch her after looking at the surveillance."


Penny didn't expect Ryder to insist on having her even though she threatened him with Orlando.

Penny dug her fingernails hard into her palm. The sharp pain cleared her muddled head a bit.

If she was taken to Ryder's room, she would be ruined.

After the car pulled over, Penny was yanked out of the car and into the hotel lobby.

She didn't have any strength left, so two men carried her along the hallway. When they turned the corner and entered the VIP elevator, Penny suddenly heard a voice.

"Mr. Fletcher, I'm sorry. I've arranged another president suite for you. It's very near. I'll walk you over there."

The hotel manager was frightened.

"It's our fault. Our staff had checked on the room repeatedly and disinfected it according to Mr. Hurst's request, but we didn't expect the shower to be damaged in the bathroom..."


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